The Next Chapter: Integrity & Merit

Before I write anything else, I would like to address a few celebrities who have a problem with me. Not only am I being spied on and harassed on a daily basis, but you hired people to steal my college writings and books that I WROTE during my spiritual awakening.

You wanted to hear what I was thinking and did not like what you heard.

The books I wrote are to feed people with knowledge to advance them spiritually. When I say them, I mean all people. And although you belittle and strive to embarass me, I do not create content to exploit the black race.

So, now I am going to publicly repeat it.

Anytime I am out in public and your song plays on the loud speaker, I get sick to my stomach. I see black women with tight shorts on bend down low and twerk to emulate the disgrace the you feed them on television. And the people who are backing you, have thrown me under the bus to view your beautiful face to befriend you. They are lost and guilty of Idolatry.

Your monster is downstairs in the lobby of the hotel I am staying at. He goes by the name of Michael, and has his niece Tasha doing his dirty work. He also threatens me and follows me around for you. He practices cursing people with demons too. He just cursed me and said I can’t read or write: All for you! Your monster tried to force me to watch a movie you are in, and cleared his throat in the hotel lobby as if to say I need to listen and acknowlege him, when your monstrous demon is the dog. He always has a starstuck glazed look on his face when he sees you and is definately willing to step on people to watch you.

You aren’t saving people, you are harming them. And if you go to Africa and supply free things to people, all the while pushing out music to make black women appear sleazy under your spell, you are a hypocrite and a false prophet.

The seeds you plant are destructive.

Whomever supports you is a hypocrite and false prophet.

I am tired of seeing you. I am tired of hearing you laugh. I am tired of hearing you giggle. I am tired of seeing you scrunch your face up because you have a problem with me. I am also tired of hearing that I am messing up your money by telling people here the truth about the illusion they are living in. That goes for you and your friends who are all apart of your “Kingdom, Queen”.

After acknowledging that you work for the enemy when I was out in Vegas, when you hired theives to steal the “Holy Grail” out of my luggage, I figured out that you were going to try to claim my work. I overhead you all claim that you are better than me, and on a different caliber.

Since you called my writings the Holy Grail, I will name it that. My followers will be able to gain access to these writings by clicking the link on this page called “Holy Grail”.

I never thought to globally degrade women, and the black culture you care so much about.

Because you all keep harassing me to have sex and make more kids because it “feels good”, I am going to post here what I intended to give my followers for free and I will edit as I go along because you and your heathens harass me everyday so that I cannot finish writing the book to save lives.


What I have written is the text that was left out of the bible. In the bible you read the basic teachings. For instance, God will say meditate. What they left out is how. What to meditate about. They reworded a riddle to give you just a little bit of information to keep you at threshold.

The lost teachings have been discovered in the pyramids and caves for many years and have purposely been left out. It is knowledge taken from you to keep you in the 3rd dimension.

Spiritcandee tells you how.

It was meant to be free. I planned to publish and give it away for free before it was stolen.

I am posting the 1st draft. I have not made any edits because I only meant to write in spirit as it was originally written. After reading a few pages you will see that the tone and voice is uplifting. The tone is Jesus.

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