Attacks-Reptiles & Demons Guard The Kingdom

When you get close to God you will undergo several attacks

Someone has been trying to hack in my email

Someone by the name of Todd is using his demon to force sex on me, i know it is him because I saw him, and he is a Reptilian who works for the power conpany I use to work for. And they have ties to celebrities and are the ones spreading fake rumors about me. For example, they are telling people here that I hate hispanics. I am satan. They tried to get me to act like Gloria Estefan and walk into her hotel for a hostile takeover. They showed me Jennifer Lopez naked, so they are spying on her. I also saw them at the airport. Before you say, well, they are trying to get you to play the game to get out but acting loke someone else. No. You do have to act like other people. But you are suppose to have some kind of help. Not oppression,theft, loss, hatred or evil.

You don’t deserve it.

Something has been making my muscles clench and whatever is in my face keeps cursing that I am ugly

It has been placed in my head and it keeps attacking me. There are several people controlling it and they clain to not stop because they took my life and I don’t deserve to be happy.

These people work for the enemy and control you too. The best way to see if you have them on you is by doing this A Gift

If you move without thinking you have one ir more of them on you.

It is a reptilian animal but they also use demons. There are a few reptilian animals who I have met in real person that I am about to expose if they do not leave me alone because I keep seeing a few of them who I use to work with at the power company. They are walking serpents, believe in oppressing people by monarchy, and all they care about is money and sex. There job duty is to decieve, rape women and men to keep them in the 3rd dimension. They look very beautiful in the disguise they present to you.

Another one. This one is supposedly a police officer, and a head crawler. A head crawler is a being that crawls into your head to kill your mind. This woman is hispanic and her last name is Dejesus. This woman followed me to Las Vegas. She is cock eyed, around 5’2″ and a motor mouth. If you are beautiful, and have a handsome husband watch out because she will break all codes to sleep with your husband, steal your things because desparity needs a medal in 21 Jumpstreet. Watch out for her!

Does that sound familiar? Wasn’t satan the most beautiful, competitive angel? Didn’t Satan say I am better, and did he not round up a team? 

Anytime you have the holy spirit in you, they rape you to take your power and put the enemy in you. That is  why God tells you to leave because the Holy Spirit to them is like dog food they can sniff from a mile away.

Any type of Holy discoveries you have in there eyes is a chance to get out because they are damned.

In this post, (Little Reptile) towards the end when I said inside joke, I was addressing someone upstairs who joked and said, well Danielle, you wanted to see reptiles, because I think that Salamanders are cute pets to have. I saw a reptilian animal in my hotel room. They were joking that I got what I asked for.

God really does have a sense of humor.

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