The Enemy (Animals)

This list is going to be updated until I get home, until I get to see my family, until you give me my money and things that you stole from me. This list are some names and descriptions of demons and reptilian aliens who work for satan. They are hired to hang around you and make your life hell. Some of them are your neighbors, local police, people that served in the army. Old retired people who play the game. I have descriptions but not full names, but some of them are animals acting like humans.When they rape you, you may become a headcrawler, a headcrawler are the ones who killed Jesus. They get into your head, curse you amd say I am smarter, or this is my brain, and it kills your mind. Some head crawlers are happy to be head crawlers, I am going to name a few here too. The people I mention here below are all friends and claim to have met Beyonce, Rihanna, Chris Brown, Justin Timberlake, Alicia Keys and Charlize Theron, Nas, Nicki Minaj, 50 cent, Joaquin Phoenix, Luke Perry, TI, Kim Kardashian(I saw her) others for money. They lie to celebrities and tell them that I have there soul and I am satan. They travel to different times wearing the faces and bodies of attractive people, and lie to these people and act like rulers, and Jesus and that is why they are doing this to me because it is a kingdom and ship that they have sauntered into.² I was told they put Jeffrey Dahmer, George Zimmerman, and child molesters in me to kill me everyday. They work for Satan, and Satan is a liar.

This list is categorized as The Ugly.


-This one-his name is Todd in the 3rd dimension, but I don’t really know because I met him in the 3rd dimension, and so many white blonde haired police and men haved played him during the game. He is a reptile. I have seen him as an old man in Pennsylvania where I worked, and as a child. This is when I picked up a job to work for the Trump campaign. I was forced to work there and knock on doors and told I was a nigger and a slave the entire time. I had blisters and blue briuses on my heels. The night before I was going to catch a flight to Montana paid by them, two white men, politicians, walked by me and said we are making you walk- I didn’t realize they were talking about the job.They follow me around in spirit to kill every opportunity I can get. I say I was forced because I applied for jobs I did not get because they hacked into my accounts so that I work where they set it up to where the army and national security comes along, and informs people that I am dangerous. So they pay off the enployees and put there army people whereever I obtain employment to rape me, get information and kill me on the other side. Then they get a slap on the wrist and say, oh, Danielle lost, what happened? They steal and keep you from your family, and this reptile is one of them. Prior to getting that employment, they plotted to illegally arrest me for catching fish, and grilling on the beach. They are a cult, and this reptile hires some of them.

They switch the roles because they are reptile, dogs. Look behind the skin because I promise you that is what they are. They are not legit police, authorty or fbi in the matrix, they work for the enemy and are dogs. This animal has ties to the army and is a rapist. He has more than one face, flies back and forth in time. He has blue eyee, blond hair, but his face changes because he is an alien. Whenever they force him to rape me, because he claims that he is gay, he calls it apple pie. So this apple pie is my lower chakra filled with the holy spirit. That is why they rape you, for your power-the holy spirit. They even have it set up so that they communicate with my emails. This notication means that he had sex with me, and it is not by invitation:

Appy pie is communicated in code as I slept with her and got my Apple Pie. They also talk in code using my electronics to say they withdrew money out of my account. They put this thing in my eyes so I can’t see. That is why they hang around in wait like dogs.

Apparently, while communicating amongst themselves, they have made it clear that my dad is no asshole. It is not daddy okay guys?

-This one is about 6’5″ tall, his is a dark skinned dark black man, and he is in animal. His name is either Eric or Martell. He is involved with kidnap along with someone I met a long time ago named David who acted like someone he was not. He has lookalikes named Hiram, Shareef, Philip It was shown to me that he is really an animal sent here from another dimension. I saw him morph into all fours, he is not a dog he is a different kind of animal. When I was in Utah something made me piss myself because they put this reptile alien on my genital area and told it what to do. I heard this animal deep voice bragging along with Bernard who I use to work with and others. He said he is doing this to me, he is one of the ones who trapped me, and do you think I am stupid she’s never getting out. He worked as a security officer in disguise at the power company where I used to work, and has stalked me by drivong around and popping up in places where I lived. He is very tall and forced uncomfortable hugs on me and uas a vocabulary like a young child. He is really an animal.

-This one I don’t know his name but he is claiming me as his wife and someone just whispered to me that he is going to die if I don’t claim this reptile because this reptile is fighting or using power on him. I was told his name is Monty. He looks brown skinned and claimed to be Nick Cannon in my room but his face keeps changing and he looks hispanic. He has been recently spying on me im cloak using wizardry, brainwashing me, and hurting people on the other side. If it is Monty, in New York, this one grabbed my purse and emptied it out on the staircase in Forever21 a few years ago. He has a facial features like Kermit the frog and may have changed to a reptile. This one just raped David or someone in spirit and he just died and told me to say kill them, before he died. He whispered and then it faded away. I was just told it was Jesus.

-This one practices Egyptian Magic-bald, I met him in person and is what you would call a terrorist. He also may go by the name Shareef, and is a black shadow on this side and claims to be a wolf. He uses different faces and I have seen him at a long table near the president in another dimensionsand was supposedly hired to play my childrens father, to make me beleive it was him,because he changes the way he looks, and take me children. Him and another arabian is telling this reptile on my head what to do also. It has caused me burning hot pain, and other types of torment. This morning, they said to put a pillow over my face, I heard someone snap fingers in my room, they have been squeezing my nose all day, telling me to breath in and out by controlling my breath. He claims to work for Jesus and causes torment on people who sin. What we all know him and his friends as, are terrorists. That is why sometimes I am okaywith not having a place to sleep.

-The one is named Gladys and her ex is or was a professional boxer named ayala. This one has it coming for her, and I am not the one threatening you here.

-Will. Do me a favor, don’t ask will if he really did these things to me, or if he were apart of this. I just wrote here what they did to me for idolatry, sex and compliments

-Dont forget the one playing my uncle

-Serena the giraffe

-Vernon as well

-I have one FBI dog and cant seem to stop following me and saying to give my head a scratch. I know that they are stealing from me and a few others are in my financial businesd

-Oh, I can’t forget about hunters gear. So they put on hunters gear and follow me around because they say I am the animal. They put snares around the walkway of my hotel where i was staying so that I could walk into them and they could say, we got you. I took pictures both times but of course, they came together to steal my phone.

They and others might be doing the same thing to you. Do you move and not think? You just squinted or moved your leg. Did you just think to do that? If your mind did not think to do it first, then it is in you

They have cursed me and said I am mentally sick, Harriet Tubman, a prostitute, and Hotentrot. What is sad is that some of them are family members and old friends too. But of course, that is all fake.

The columbian,Gaetano, leticia, Raquel

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