We already know that the Spiritual Awakening process is the scientific method.

The question I ask is for whom? Who upstairs wants to know our results, our reactions to every spiritual obstacle faced?

I experience the awakening, and walked away with gifts and promises. Then, I watched my self and husband die, and was told that we have to suffer first to be happy. I did not understand that because I have suffered my whole life just the way it has been, and have been living spiritually dead.

As you know already most of my prized possessions were stolen from the production of my spiritual awakening. I said with disappointment to God, how am I going to move forward now without my plans in hand? My past? My life?

I came across this bible verse last night. I need you to read this because it explains that for one, we will not be required to work a 9-5, we will live in freedom of all things. When you break the Matrix, you are a child of light. If we are heirs of God, we receive things as royalty should without any doubt of saying well what will happen next? That is fear. If I say go walk into the store and grab that item and walk out and you say, well, what if I get arrested? That is living in fear. In God’s world these things are given freely to you as you work for him. I learned that in order to recieve salvation AND happiness, that we must suffer like he did first. If we share in his sufferings, we share in his glory.

Romans 8:14

We sit and wait and watch as life gets worse. At times I feel as if I have been standing in the desert for too long, waiting and wondering if I should replace the leader within me to force the adoption process into motion. I am Jacob, I wrestled with God for so long and wondered if the enemy was “reeling” us all into his domain for our beliefs. So, I came up with Jacob Is-a-reel and felt shameful and sadness for the creation but my curiosity about the enemies plans kept me pushing because this process is like the scientific method. I questioned life in college philosophy. I found the truth, broke the matrix and lost alot.

Romans 8:18

We are not suppose to give up hope. All we hoped for should be in our sights and that is what this bible verse is meant for to tell you:

Romans 8:22

I will hold on to hope for my promises as I face all of the obstacles spiritually aimed my way.

The Gods pointed me here:

I was told “Jacob Isaaahh Real” by a spirit. He made it a point to tell me in a playful snotty tone that Jacob-Is-real

He led me to the picture above which explains how the name Israel was born. I did not question if Jacob was real, I questioned if the process was because my head laid on the rock and I ultimately did what I was told. You kearn your new name and identity when weasels get out of your head and God give

Jacob died and became Israel for us all.

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