Hi everyone. No, I was not arrested lastnight. That was not my voice in the video. And the reason why the pitch sounds so high (like a caucasian woman) is because they took my ear drums so that I cannot hear. They can hear but I can’t, and my eardrums are floating in space upstairs. I am going to write later about that because they did the same thing to Jesus, and I have been meaning to write why I think he was trapped because of what has been done to me, it has been done to him and others and I know that whomever plays Jesus and dies all the time is in darkness as the Word.

That is why I said if you reach your greatest version, to travel back in time to save Jesus. My voice is high pitched when not my own and when I am without my eardrums.

I am serious.

And the caucasian woman in me is very nice 🤥.

But I want to point out that if I do not raise my voice and fight then I will be spritually walked all over because those were demons I recorded.

Did you check out there black coal eyes and stance? They were fake, guarding the crown like the rest of the cigar smokers, bikers, prostitutes etc. They bully people away upon noticing that we stepped into Jesus realm. They comes out of the crevices of caves to poke you away.

But it is an act like The Game Of Life.

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