Telephone: The Lesson; Don’t Chase Demons

I am traveling out in public, and I have this dark shadow of a ghost telling people who Iam, where I am going, and where I need to sit.

Before I even stepped into the train I heard him speak to this man in red, and say I am going to sit right there, next to him.

Red and black is a goon played in the game. I am posting beccause I dislike these kind of childish  games.

The people in red and black sit or stand on corners of ancient and modern day corners and hallways to follow, ask questions about your personal business to rob you. So if you are a tourist anywhere in Brickell, Fl,Myrtle Beach, or Las Vegas, be extremly careful because some of the people you see aren’t as they seem. I have had things stolen from me from being followed by locals hired to hang about watching others.

He smells like liquor and has a xmas bag in his hand. I see sicky ghosts attached to him, the ones that burn, and I know he isn’t human. He asks for directions and I caught myself following him by asking the same person that he asked, directions.

He is a demon.

Then I found myself using the same escalator as him-no. I stopped, derailed, and went the other way.

Inside the airport, I hunted the demon for an hour but could not locate him. I noticed I kept running into people with red luggage and gray tops on.

I asked God for a weapon as I paced in the airport, and he refused. He said you do not fight. I kept seeking the demon.

I stopped when I realized that the enemy planned for me to chase the demon. The lesson here is that you get nowhere chasing the enemy.

Don’t chase the enemy.

I walked outside of the airport angry because here I was ready to catch a flight when I knew I was feed false scenarios to push me away. I looked for the people who were outside in the previous hour. The pale woman who wore a mask whose face I saw change from Shawnee I knew from grade school, to the homeless woman sleeping on the bench.

There was noone in sight. It was empty. I imagined they were all at a club or party having a great time in laughter about how they fooled me again. We are full of tricks, they would marvel. It had to be true, because I realized that truth as perception.

I hopped into a cab and went back into the city.

Love you,


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