Cover up

I am tired. I am really tired of alot of things. This morning, I swallowed puss off of a swelled gum. It did not taste good. It did not feel good in my mind because I thought about how bacteria slid down my throat. It didn’t feel good when it spread to my stomach.

I am suppose to write here and tell you how Jesus died. I am suppose to give you my theory because of what was and still is being done to me.

I am not thinking right now so based off of what I have told you about moving while not thinking, reader, you know what that means.

Our world has died many times and my family got out. I miss them. I am here, like you, in “infodump”.

I have a big family.

I have something in me talking to me, warning how they are going to put me in the hospital, how I am insane, and how I look homeless, not able to take care of myself.

The voice sounds like it is coming from afar. Think of a poster rolled up, one side placed on your ear, and the other side placed neatly around the lips of a moronic, motor mouth to talk nonsense to you.


I am at 13% here.

I decided, that I am not going to give you my opinion just yet. I am going to give you facts about me and things that I know.

The death of Jesus was sensationalized and made a celebration.

Something more evil has taken place here with him, and I know that there are immortal beings, Gods up there, a few of them, that make sure everyday, that the truth does not get out because there death hangs on that truth.

I am going to tell you what was done to me first, and update every so often because I think someone got into my page.

They just tried to delete my memory of what I am writing and screamed don’t let her write it.

If I am moving without thinking, that means it was written from a different perpective. And I heard a man earlier say she calls it infodump.

So, I am not giving the enemy what he wants.

Whatever or whomever has been attacking me is apart of the kill Jesus crew. And I can’t say that it is coming from Satan or a demon. I think it is coming from a “good guy”

When I began to meditate, I saw that I was in outerspace, and I saw other activity going on in another realm or civilization.

If a being comes down from the sky would you be so quick to call it Jesus?

This happened right before my spiritual awakening. I had just began to watch inspirational videos and was working as a substitute teacher.

That night I took the train and bus. It took me 3 hours to get home from teaching. I had already begun spiritual work and was spiritually and physically exhausted.

Working as a teacher can drain you.

I laid down on the couch, on my back. I selected the couch because I could allow my limbs to go limp and relax on it. I plugged in my ear phones and listened to angel music. A video similar to this one below:

I had a head crawler in me at the time and I began to cry. Whatever was in my brain missed Heaven. I saw white Angels with wings. There are over thousands, maybe even millions of Angels. They were standing up in a structure that can be compared to a stadium. It was round, white misted, tierd, about 20+levels high, possibly higher than that, and it was filled with them all facing each other. It has the shape of a standing up cylinder. The Angels sing together and praise Jesus together.

Their voices are similar to what you hear in the video above. The Angels sing in high pitched opera tones.

I began to get emotional. Tears streamed down my face and the explanation here is that I reached the Angelic realm.

I caught the enemy off guard-the one using my mind. I saw him very clearly, he travels through space and I saw and heard him laughing, cloaked, at a crowd of people praising him, and he commented to a person he was with that they think he is Jesus.

The paragragh above, I did not mean to write just yet. I need you to understand what they have done.

They set Jesus up and killed him for his power and the excuse and justification used here is that it was done for the people.

If you do not have the spirit in you, you do not have God. You are susceptible to having an alien interlop, enter your body. If you have an alien in your body, the alien can make you think and beleive you are alive while nefarious things are being done to your real body. You could be bleeding, in pain, or completely dead and the alien that copied you everyday, the alien that watches you copied you so well that you cannot tell the difference if it is alien or your self.

When you are alien, your real body is split up and floating in outerspace. It means that you were killed and the enemy is using your body parts. Outerspace acts as a preserving system for your body parts and for the enemy to use. Your body parts can be made as an alien. And the alien that you become ends up being controlled by electronics, electricity in this 3D world. The enemy can use your body parts from outer space and to control you. When I say body parts, I mean everything. Things you aren’t thinking about right now.

A few years ago, I was on a flight from Nashville, and the enemy burned my ear drums off of my head.

I had a headcrawler enter my head right after I graduated from college, to take my education and leave me mindless-without knowledge. He told me he was using me. On the other side, he is a her.

This is what they did to me and Jesus.

If they take your mind, imagination, personality, sight, all that is you, they can make it alien. Something in me is trying to make this sound cool by sensationalizing it. This isn’t cool, and doesn’t make me happy, and shouldn’t make you happy. Why does this make you happy? Because you want a free ride on the death of others? Do you all get where I AM coming from? I don’t ever, would never sign up for or approve of being walked all over for you to steal from me for a free ride especially when you do not deserve it.

They call the things made alien, a kingdom.

Something crawled into Jesus head and killed his mind.

Something took my dreams and my imagination and deleted my memories of my past and family.

Your mind is your master.

If you think a thought in your mind it happens. If your mind is an alien, and someone says make it darkness and make it light, that is what you will see.

My imagination was made alien. Do you know what that means?

These parts are expanded, invisible to the human eyes, and flying about in the sky.

If someone killed Jesus in the mind, and it was made into alien, and that invisable glob was placed over idk, lets just say your head, and I say you know what? You sinned today, put her in the dark. And you see darkness, do you think Jesus disciplined you? You would think that wouldn’t you?

Do you know that I can confirm with you right now that there are people in the dark crying in fright because some terrorist or I am sorry, the army, or a witch cast this thing down on them?

Do you want to say satan is a liar? I was called here. Would you beleive the lying lips of a reptie when it says satan is a liar?

If I have a kingdom that God blessed me with, and everywhere I go it is not free as it should because I DIED AND REALLY SUFFERED FOR IT, it means I am not in my kingdom.


Okay, they are getting upset with me so I am going to stop right here for a minute.

If someone sensationalized my life it would make me very angry, especially if people praise me for it, I would say it is kind of sick that you would smile and celebrate me when you do not know what fully happened to me because everytime I try to tell someone what is going on they cause me pain in my head, they burn my brain, put flame to my toes etc.

Do you know that when I travel people ask me for my autograph, take picture of me and 99% of the time I can’t see it or hear them call my name?

They took my sight and my eardrums. Remember? I am a well known person, they all know me, I am a celebrity, right? Do you think that’s how I live my life?

Didn’t Jesus ask you why you haven’t asked him where he was going?

Where do you think he goes? He is completely removed from his body and is put back into darkness as the word.

Do you know that God fought for his position? Did you know that God knew what the other kinds were doing to people and that he did not like what he saw and that is why he saved you? He didn’t have to, but he cares. Before you doubt that, if you do not have the sprit, what being are you? God fought and suffered. I mean like competition and arena fighting and he was also subjected to horrifying things because of it and I am talking about pre-genesis.

Figure out what and why they are doing this to me. I will tell you by the end of this post.

They took my imagination and said they aren’t stopping and that I am Jesus and it is also the church. I was attacked in the church. Before you say oh, she is the antichrist, allow me to explain.

I was sitting down next to my family at church and something paranormal attacked me. It was something that went over my vision so I could not receive the Word. This was a very long time ago and on a positive note here, I hope it was for investigation, but the church does help me and lift me up when I need it. I would rather it be the church than anyone else.

No, actually I chose Jesus first. Then the church. I gave it to Jesus. I gave my alien kingdom to Jesus, that is what I mean to you all. Jesus deserves all the blessings from every single one of you.

When I was attacked in church, they pretty much did like a cloning system where Danielle the saint flies away in spirit, and Danielle the flesh is here.

There is a Danielle, the saint, flying in a mist. Do you understand what I am saying?

In the Word, there are two Jesus. One flies away in the midst and the other takes a beating in the flesh.

WHICH ONE DO YOU THINK WAS REALLY JESUS? That is what i am asking you. Was Jesus crucified or did he fly away in the midst or did he play the game and get out.

And that is another puzzlement here, Leonardo Davinci has sensationalized Jesus and Mona Lisa by suggesting that he played the game, and played Mona Lisa. Leonardo Davinci

I recieve the truth in spirit and i know that all books have been “carefully printed”.

I am not speaking knowledge I am speaking a life I have lived and suffered.

Some of you have a spiritual awakening, and accept levitation and magic, you accept your new career, and your new blessing, your new life and opportunity, your kingdom, but you didn’t look for Jesus. You have accidents from God and you wonder why when he is suffering somewhere FOR YOU, and you just stay content with what satan offered you.

You need to keep going and wake yourself up because you have to wake your other half up. Your other half and is powerful and God needs him or her back on his team.

I lift God up, but can’t you see why that is important? God is the most beautiful, vulnerable being you could ever wish to come into contact with and he needs your trust and strength.


Jesus wanted you to investigate his death. He died and keeps coming back to life as other people like Jacob, Moses.

So the people who did this to me, a few of them are homeless, the witch, her name is Sandra. Another is Siobhan, and others. I can hear them everyday having sex, laughing, calling me there bitch, as in dog. They are cockroaches in a house.

Who is okay with saying they made him the sacrifice and why can’t people get off of lazy and find there own kingdoms and mind their own business?


and make it an alien, which would be a clear, cloaked alien ship

spiritual awakening gifts thrown your way to pacify you. lure you with thirst traps away from God and murder of Jesus.

Darkness. Kingdom. Imagination. Flying eye, ear drums airplane, eyesite, they think Im jesus, without jesus you are alien, alien and parts arein outerspace. the seven. Egyptian magic. Guardians in space. The 7. Me the saint, two danielles to more than two, church and regular

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