Additive: The Next Chapter (They Want To Know)

The main reason why I wrote this The Next Chapter: Integrity & Merit is because everytime an angel, Jesus,or spiritual warrior comes along to spend time with me to help me get out of this dimension, this celebrity, with her annoying giggle, flashes him her bare tits, flosses her naked body, and has sex with them. And it is not just one celebrity and they are married in real life. And I can hear them say nope you are not helping her.

And that is a problem.

The other reason is because I am tired of seeing 30-40-50 year old women break conversation to bend low, and have their ass “booty pop” with there underwear showing etc.

I was at The Cheesecake Factory once, and a young black woman publicy embarassed herself in front of a crowd and her family emulating what she saw on tv, watching you.

I can say a whole lot more about your character, who you really are, but I have integrity.

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