I am not welcome at the Dali Museum

I visited this Museum today. I was told it was sold out, but that I can go inside on the first floor and just tell the people inside.

I snapped a few photos in the garden before stepping inside of the building.

Prior to arriving at the Dali Museum, I saw a few people in the army, and the bus driver and rider on the city bus was talking in code-but I paid that no mind because I figured okay, they could just live here.

I snapped a photo of one of them in full army clothes and somehow, that picture was deleted from my phone.

That’s ok because I have had lots of things stolen from me anyhow.

I went to the elevator to try to go upstairs because it did not appear to be sold out.

This hero comes around the corner and was about to get into my face. It is these kinds of people who need to be psychologically examined because you are not in the army anymore. You cannot just walk up to people and get into there face and try to interrogate them. He needs to get that programming out of him because he acta like a maniac, representing the army disgracefully.

You are a bookstore employee undercover I guess, am I right?

Whatever you are, you played yourself.

So, I put my hand up and said stop right there, you are not getting into my face. Then he said he would call the police because my mask was not on properly.

And that is what happened. To my knowledge, I was the only “Colored” person in the room, I simply informed a few people like I am telling you.

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