Family Tree


The afterthought hits me and simmers inside my gut. Lately, I have been crying inside my body, my throat, my stomach. And I still travel, I keep going besides the several facts that I am on foot, have less than one dollar on me, no place to sleep.

All is gone, and I say to myself, there is a disconnect with God, my blessings and life.

It does not help, when I am moving from place to place, and see a historic sign about how a black woman is revered for a deed, but called a “Negroe” for it on the title, boarded  inground before the church. Thank you for putting her in her place as a slave.

I don’t think America has it right in our modern era, or at least in this third dimension, when, I turn on the television, and I am reminded about slavery, I am reminded that my ancestors were slaves. It does not give me a good feeling, instead I get angry on an okay day because that message says, okay, you are advancing Danielle, now remember, you will always be a slave.

Do you know that I promised myself I would not travel to the Carolinas EVER again, because when I first took the trip there, all that I saw in its beauty were statues and signs and stories about black lives in slavery, and huts where slaves slept.

Those images ruined the beauty of the place, setting, tone, and message.

There I was in the South, walking upon the roots of my family, and I could not help stop the thought in my mind, that I wanted to pull and rip the roots out because they belonged in a place where they would be watered daily, resoiled every other week if needed. Those roots, they needed to be handled with special care, the kind of care that would allow them to grow.

It is a pleasure to view healthy, vibrant, green.

I do not find it appropriate in this modern age to still continue to place the black race in the paradigm called “slavery” with public reminder.

In truth, in 3d we are all slaves, so do not point your twisted finger at the black people only to tell everyone else that we got it all wrong.

As an adult, with the knowledge of slavery in the back of my mind, I can be on top of the world financially, but the minute I see a billboard showing a movie, a remake about slavery, it puts me back in my place where you want me to be.

Industry, was that your intention? Do not worry about if what I said was true or false, is that the agenda in this 3d world where we live in a electronic cycle? You want our minds bogged down with oppression cycling in circuit. Remeber, we have .08 impressionable, electric wattage in our brains.

If the damning reminder is not apart of your agenda to exploit and curse us, then why aren’t you making change? You yourself can break this cycle by reminding the black race how strong we are, how creative and monumental we can be. You can supply truth of our greatness through film by delivering inspirational messages.

Why not remake a movie about the first black person who created the lightbulb or vehicle? And by the way, he was Egyptian born long before your time. But, an informative bio would be great. Only then, can our children leave school in the late afternoon, and dream about changing the world in the early evening.

I took this picture today:

And I instantly knew all of these people. Our people. I felt all of their pain as they stood in their place before the camera.

They hardly smile. What you see are faces of dissappointment, weariness, a disposition for the readiness to fight and defend when needed. You see a face that has overcome loss. You see a face expecting loss. You see faces sun worn and legs swollen from travel in their journey. You see a face of many stories.

What you cannot see or feel is the strength. The strength that manifested in them is unheard of.

And it would be great to travel back in time to show them true happiness. I look to them in my photographic memory. I speak in secret to them, my ancestors, and my head goes left to right. I say: I can’t let you down.

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