When I was a substitute teacher, I taught pre-k to 8th grade. I taught all subjects. On this day, I signed up to teach a special education class.

I explained what the assignment was to five students. I taught them the lesson. Then, I handed out the paperwork so that they could complete their assignment.

There was this one black student, he was a boy, probably about 12 years old. He sat in his seat, and stared up into space. He had a smile on his face.

I bent down to his eye level, and I whispered. I asked him what was wrong, and why he was not working on his assignment.

He said that he hears bells wringing in his mind. That is why he could not concentrate.

I took his hands and I prayed to God that he would restore him.

Then, I asked the student to close his eyes. What is your favorite dessert? What do you like to eat? Think of that inside of your mind. I told him to see the picture of his favorite food in his mind.

I took his hand and put it over his heart. Then I saw the “torn” sky come to his being. He was disconnected.

The very second that this world or dimension connected to this student, life came to his eyes. He picked up his pencil, and worked on his assignment.

The student does not have a disability. All he needed was guidance with meditation.

All he needed was God.

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