Fact: Holy Spirit

When you have tears coming out of your eyes for no reason that you can understand or percieve, when you are going about your day or at church, and you start crying, it is not the Holy Spirit.

It is your shadow self.

Or it can be a spirit warrior sent from God to get your shadow self out of Hell.

There are other dimensions where your shadow self-which is your REAL soul, travels. It can be in heaven, hell, alien town, Jupiter, in fairy world etc.

You have a kingdom inside of you, and you also have bad people in your kingdom that turn against you when you are not on top. When you are on top, you all see eye to eye with one mission. If you are crying you could be in harm, trouble, in pain.

The crying is either your self in shadow or a spirit warrior crying because you have not realized this yet, they wait around for you to figure it out but can’t tell you.

They only can give you hints.

This truth is a step higher than the church. The church may tell you it is the Holy Spirit because you still need the basic training from church with the word.

When you pass the church level and need a different higher learning, you understand. You eat better and take better care of yourself.

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