Unsure If Fact or Myth: Sin

A paradigm is a thing that is created after reptitive action. It is a constant until it becomes real.

Our repititve behavior becomes a paradigm when we do the same thing everyday. Eat breakfast at the same time, get dressed, go to work, eat lunch, leave work, eat dinner, go home. Your actions become a paradigm. The paradigm is called worker, or working mom or father.

Ever year as you age, new paradigms are created. So where does the old paradigm go?

I was shown a younger paradigm of my daughter when I drove to Wyoming. I got off the radar, and I saw her. I saw her in another dimension. She was kneeling in front of bricks, placing them in top of each other. She wore a button down white silk blouse. She was placing the bricks a certain way to learn the truth of where I am, and where the rest of our family is. She was using her psychic power by the arrangement of bricks.

She couldn’t feel my presence until she looked up. Her eyeballs were gone, and replaced by what looked like black tunnels as if her eyes were gouged out. She has something paranormal in her eyes to make her see.

I said her name and kept driving around to get into that portal. I saw a king in a chair, his arms and body was convulsing as if he were sick from being under attack. I saw a sibling masked by an invisible like sheet. She said she didn’t want to see me up there, but I knew it was an alien or something acting like my sibling.

Then the vision went away, and I was told that what I saw was sin.

Then the army, I heard the alien army say not to let me in, and I overheard them joking about myself and other siblings calling us the names of dwarfs: sleepy, dumpy, grumpy. One of the alien armies, her name is Liz.

What I am telling you is that I saw a younger paradigm of my daughter changed. And something saved her because her eyes were gauged out but she was functioning ok. She was in war or something attacked her. This king, I think he is taking care of wounded people. I got in up North in Wyoming, and Idaho.

But something shut me out and said that is was SIN.

God loves, why would God call a wounded child sin?

My daughter told me, that a being disguised as her father put her here and said he did not want her anymore because she was the ugly one and not the pretty one. He wanted the pretty one.

This thing is a reptile.

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