Always On The Precipice

In case you are wondering, I have something invisible that looks like the predator, attached to my front, and into my brain from the entrance of my forehead. Not a reptile this time but i feel robotic in my mind. It could just be the demons I saw. But I know that this predator thing might be it. He is in my brain and this is my 3rd tine seeing him.

Once was back at home 8 years ago right before Trump became president this alien predator thing decided to crash into my bedroom. We had conversations.

The second time I saw him was in vision going into an elevator. He looks like a walking black predator bug. He was in another dimension in space. Around this time, I heard 2 lesbians women say lets have sex using her. One of them is Columbian. Then I felt sharp needles enter my brain, and I felt arousal.

The third time was lastnight into this morning. I heard my family crying, saying get that thing off of her, that is danielle I saw her they’re lying. I saw Trump in my vision this afternoon, amd heard a young white woman say sorry dad we just wanted you to get in. She keeps calling me trash. Yes, the racist blonde is back.

I saw my husband in spirit doing something really mean that he should not be doing. Or st least it looked like my husband, and he was laughing the whole time. And then I remember he asked me something and I knew that whereever he was, he was in a place that forces change and action on your being.

Then I saw him white and glowing seated on the couch in my hotel room. He waved. He said I am here and I have been here the whole time. I paid for you to stay another night. Stay another night. I stepped closer. I squinted my eyes and waved. I spoke to him with my mind. He said you are my wife and I didn’t believe it before and I made a big mistake. Will you marry me? I said, you already proposed to me before, remember? In my mind I remembered that he moved on by persuasion of another pretty woman ready to flash her nipples if need be. And as I write this I heard a man scream it is not me Danielle, I was cloned. Whoever they are, they are not okay either.

And my mind just blacked out again.

He was white and glowing and I remember when I saw Michael Jackson twice. He was white and glowing,almost silverish. So, I wondered what happened to my husband too.

So whatever this predator thing is, it is supplying things to my brain. Meanwhile, my real family is afar and they matter moreso than anything other than Jesus.I will save Jesus if and when I can if he needs my help. Then its back to finding my family. Then, others come along with all of this bs.

And when I am just about to get out I lose. I am always on the precipice.

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