Posts and Premonition

Hi everyone! I have been in the stage of trying to fool the enemy online here, because I noticed some kind of spirit around me wants me upset and mad instead of happy. So, I sent a few negative posts yesterday to see what would happen.

Nothing really changed online but a few things did happen lastnight.

The reason why I am posting this is because right before Covid plagued, I was told sickness would come about. It is because God has his people in the matrix and the workers of the enemy refuse to release them. It is God’s anger. I refused to write or say something publicly because I didn’t know the source of the information but there were other prophets online that were given the same information. The messages were delivered, just not by me.

Something really bad is coming. I new this prior to lastnight because I had a premonition about the sea parting here Premonition: the sea parts

I saw a black hound lastnight. And I saw a beast go into the sea. That us the second time I saw the beast in the sea-the Florida ocean, last year and this year.

I just heard something pop very loud, there is going to be alot of noise with whatever is going to befall here.

That is all I have to say for this.

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