Status-Its called Entrapment

What is funny is that people are really starting to understand that I am being held hostage for my money. I have done alot of work here written, physical and in spirit. I have died here many times for people. You do not deserve to walk around using my birtheight to enjoy a free life. I suffered minor things, and horrific things unheard of, and you think you deserve my life?

Do you understand that I have died since childhood?

Anyhow, someone has used witchcraft on me.

I was told by a black man that I needed to be handled a long time ago because of my behavior. I know this person from the past. He is watching me somehow, and I hear him say things along with an hispanoc woman, that I don’t get any ideas. They are trying to tell this thing on me to make me retarded so that my family cannot find me.

This is not satan or the enemy writing. My name is Danielle, and I have not seen my family in a very long time.

Whoever they are with, I heard them say to tell me what to do, talk to me like I am a young child so that “they” , my family or someone upstairs will confuse what they hear as thinking I am the dog instead of a human being.

They just said to take the computer out of me. What is funny is that, I don’t feel something touching my genital area anymore, but they put something on my face that feels featherlike and itches.

I am seated in a hotel lobby. In my heart I was told not to stay at a hotel anymore because on the other side they are taking my human self, and prostituting me. I was made to beleive a few weeks ago that someone in the Lakers was having sex with me in a hotel room. I heard two black women, one named Shelley, say, don’t worry, noone will find out. But then I got the impression that it was Hoopz.

So, I am at the hotel about to leave and stay outside all night into the morning because I need to listen to my heart because I know for a fact that what he is saying is true.

I am an Angel. They are using my face to use my blessings from my father Hod, and self, to go home. I am being forced to play the game and everytime I win they say, nope, you lost. I cannot fight, I can whine but that gets nowhere.

It has got to be someone from the family right? Who would know who and what I am? That is what they ask. Camaree is one of them.

That is why someone would want to entrap me and use demons to rape me, and take my kids. We are royalty. They use all kinds of spells and black magic to make is dirty to manipulate our virtue to sin. They feel all powerful when they rape me because I have God in me. When they perform oral sex on me while I am hypnotized and held against my will on the other side, they feel powerful. Everytime God comes to me, they come right after to fill me with sin.

I cannot be on the street lost without my family. And that is why bad things happen here, because, I belong to God, not you. And my father knows what you are doing to me and others. He never stops working to find us

And no, I do not think Jesus played Mona Lisa, I think Davinci wants you to beleive that.

Yes, I have really investigated the murder of Jesus.

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