Cheese On The Mousetrap

There was a time in my life when I asked God why is it that the man is choosing the prostitute over the housewife, or the wife who goes to church. The good one.

Today I came to an understanding.

And even as I write this, I know I am unprepared for this post and thay what I am about to tell you may not be enough.

This has nothing to do with the black woman, the white woman, the hispanic woman, or any other race.

It has to do with Satan playing coy in the undertones of the “good wife” and the “good woman”.

Jesus wants a woman who is bold and honest. He wants honesty either way you give it out, and that goes for the needs of all men who follow Jesus. That man wants you to be vocal with boldness in everything about your interactions and relationship.

It has everything to do with the fact that satan is in the church and hidden within you. Satan is the “coy” nature in the woman, it is the attention seeking behavior, and babyish voice of the woman who plays this role at home, out in public, in the bedroom and in certain situations where the woman makes the man feel as if he is dominating her by batting her eyelids, with her head down, exagerating the word “please”. She plays coy as she acts in agreement with him as he voices his concerns to her about what she should wear, eat, what will harm her body, etc. This nature is a demon, it is satan in that woman. She plays the young, innocent woman in that interation.

There is a deception for an exchange.

That woman gets cheated on. That woman asks how could he sleep with some whore because I am better. And the whore, she knew we were together!

The whore is the bold, outspoken woman. I am not saying she is better, I am telling you that she is honest with everything she expects from the man. She is upfront, she tells him she wants sex, a date, money, clothes, jewelry. She says how she feels in a blunt manner.

The man left you because he wanted realness, an honesty that he was not getting from the wife. The whore wants his money, tells him what she will give and do and what she will not do.

There is an honesty for an exchange.

The housewife who is not in spirit, the nature of that woman is dangerous. When this nature became revealed to me, I was startled. In the dark, without, the housewife will perform the most unholy, frightening acts performed on the weak when noone is looking. This type of woman is sick in the mind. Give her power over a thing or person and this woman will abuse it by callousness and lack of emotion because the high in power releases her insecurity. This type of nature is dangerous to the point where the thought of digging underground and breaking into basements comes to mind when you learn who she is in the dark.

This type of woman will perform all heinous acts to get ahead. She will not harm the one equal or weaker than her, she will pinpoint her focus on the pre-disposed, and that knowledge is sickening because she is such a “good woman”.

She will oppress the handicap, steal from the blind, beat on the maim, devour the meal meant for the one who is starving. She will get naked and rape the mentally ill because she is that insecure and needs attention. She is that woman who will look at you, with shy eyes, and a smile and say in a low, shaky voice, “Come to my place to tonight.”

I found that the housewife, she has a trait in her that is crafty. Through day-to-day interaction and small talk, she hides it from you, the man, but it lives in her. Man, there is no honesty in craftiness. It is satan.

It can be removed by self-discovery.

If you cannot see this, you are lost. It is a ball of evil inside that has to be unraveled.

Sneaky was the original word used to describe this housewife until it was found that the seriousness of the message was hidden. This kind of evil sitting inside of you can explode…and in the situation in which you have power, you would be passive explosive. You aren’t malevolent, you aren’t that kind of evil. What is in the housewife, the church wife, is a different kind nature. Ominous. This is for the woman in a six year relationship with a man. You happen to go to church almost every Sunday. You are not in spirit and you are not married. But you are ominous ans cunning because noone can see these things about you. They refer to you as the sweet girl or woman and the shy one. The word that describes the action.

What this kind of woman is, is a demon. The demon hides in the church woman that you call wife.

A relationship not in spirit, is relationship not in Holy Communion.

For the couples that go in and out of church, and for the couple that does not attend church, God requested first that you seek him before a relationship. The church tells you dating is ok. No. Friendship is okay, but sleeping together, having sex, is not okay because you wind up unhappy, adulterous, and with the knowledge you all were not really compatible when you are truly saved.

And you are in a relationship now, and you wonder why your boyfriend or maybe even husband you came to marry while the both of you were not in spirit, had sex with the other woman. I don’t like you. You are the cheese on the mousetrap.

If you are a man who picks on women and other men who are alone to make yourself look tough because you know that anyone equal to your size or bigger will wip your ass, you are chesse on the mousetrap. It is a demon running your life.

Jesus wants to look into your face and see honesty. He wants a conversation of truth where you are yourself and speak how you feel and what you want.

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