If you ask yourself, why are they doing this, I want you to know what I have seen. The people around me wearing masks-the veil was lifted off of them and I saw aliens watching me.

Then, I heard a black man say put your mask on mother f****. Then, I saw what could be described as an invisible film go over the aliens, and I saw a regular person with a mask on.

I was told that the aliens were waiting for me to give them order to help me with my spiritual awakening. I was told that whatever I say to them they should do, and thats why they were watchcing me. I wanted to open a restaurant-so I would tell them to buy the materials and get to work.

But the issue here is that some moron is in my head or commanding them in some way to wear a mask and do their bidding. I am told by the enemy everyday to attack them because they are fake, when they are here underneath that layer of ugly, waiting for me to help them to tell them what to do.

They are being held against their will.

I was asked to figure out how to break the spell to free them. The enemy says that it is their kingdom now, whem that is not quite what it is. God put them here to provide help to help others, not to enslave them. And someone is forcong one of them to use their power on me and others, but also brainwashing other people to make them beleive that I am one of them.

I was also told that they were the enemy of Jesus. Not so sure about that.

I just heard Brande. And kill Margarita, she’s talking. The fbi. Who knows if that is real. But I think the paragraphs above this one has some truth to it.

Something keeps kicking me in my back left knee to make me fall.

That is a fairy or angel. Pranksters.

I was just told to stop eating because it is making them sick. I also felt burning in my legs.

This has happened a few times: I just walked into a room and heard a female ghost talking to a man sitting down, and a man standing up. I heard her telling them my business, she said they will not let her in. What that means is they will not give me my money by removing this thing off of me, they are forcing me to be homeless while they spend my blessing etc.

I was informed that it was the army doing this to me.

I have caught these type of conversations more than once. I female just said keep her writing keep her talking. She sounds like the voice of Alicia Keys but her name could be…Liz-a woman I use to work with who was “undercover”. She has said she wants me in the hospital and that she is better than me, and that my projects that were stolen, she is the better pwrson for them and that it was her calling to take my blessings from me. Whoever this is in spirit is insane and is playing or acting like Alicia Keys. My right leg is burning now.

Now I am told it is Becky and Margarita, but Margarita just quit. What is the password?

So this is what the enemy does.

I heard its Cardi B, I saw Nicki Minaj earlier today. I also saw and heard her 3 days ago too. Then, it is Jocelyn Hernandez, or someone who is skinny that looks like her and needs her ass wiped-those weren’t my words but I probably feel that way because this skinny hispanic girl isn’t very nice.

And then, I hear cryinhg, and they said it is Jerry doing this.

I am going to stop here now. This is how the enemy works. He fills tour head with all kinds of things and he misses the point

1. Someone is stealing from me everyday.

2. My family, where are they?


Whoever is spending my money and giving my life away to teacher, habitat for humanity, and Mr. Petit,you are going to hell.

So now that the message was delivered, goodnight?

I hear more crying, and then someone say it is her mom. Here is the issue noe. I am at the hotel. My room is already paid for and I am being lied to by the staff. I am told the 3rd party has a credit card that does not work. Ok? Then a prostitute walks in. Now I want you guys to understand something, I am suppose to walk into the place amd just have my hotel room given to me because it is alreadu paud for, so is the food I eat and the clothes I pay for. Someone is forcing me to sit and watch these prostitutes,pimps, dirty cops,and lowlife slimeball men, act in a show before me in my vision. It is 337 am, no, i dont want to see a prostitute at thus time,or a couple having sex in a room nearby. But, that is why they are using me, to easedrop and see naked people, money and other things.

They removed good from my self and are using my self. Yes, that sounds ridiculous but read this Cover up, because they gave done the same to Jesus. They took my imagination, and make me see illusions and fake things. They are a hired coven cult.

So, the black guy just said, because I overheard him say that he is going to punch me in my face. He was or is homeless. But also,when I was speaking to the lady behind the front desk who is dealing with the complication of my booking, i saw glamour on her face and heard a voice say for her to lie to me.

(The enemy)

So after an hour of waiting to get into my room, I was told I should tell them I am Jesus. When I got into my room, a was told it was my younger brother. I said if it were him I would punch him in the face for doing this to me. Then, I heard a female say you will never get close to us. Are you following? Then, I was told after FINALLY, getting into the room, to leave because it isnt me, but the illuminati, and satan.

Now Raquel has whispered to put me into the illuminati. Now i keep getting attacked by others who claim i am attacking them. No, i am not attacking you purposely. Whoever has my being in spirit in ordering you to be attacked. A person named Raquel is one of them. I have also overheard todd and is demonic friend say to put me into the boston massacre. Satan is happy now

Then I heard my father say goodnight danielle

They make me believe it is dark outside in broad daylight. It isnt life and if you wear a mask they are doing the same thing to you.

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