Yay for another illusion 😒

You guys already by now that everytime I talk or write something good, the enemy shows up. Lets give him the attention he needs because he is feeling left out.

I am spooked. And they think this is funny. I sat in the bathroom booking a flight and these people show up.

I leave the bathroom, and see this kid fly across the airport floor hunched over on the luggage. I didn’t have the space to capture it, but when I did, after deleting images on my phone, I captured this.

Then I saw two female stalkers that I know from home. One is Raquel, she has red hair and is portuguese. The other is Marcella. Her sister died long ago. With this little traifficking business they have going on, Raquel does the makeup using my blessing to “put women on”

I heard them and otherstalking about me to some men. Either celebrities or arabians who know magic. They said to them that I am fake, I have no teeth, it is all fake. Whoever they are next to,they said that is the real Danielle. I have heard this conversation more than once so I know it was setup as a paradigm. I also remember that whoever did this to me, I heard him say long agp he has it setup to where everytime my daughter is found or looks for us, she will say that my parents hate me and noone cares about me

It is a paradigm setup

I just heard Alexis or someother woman laughing so, it is time to leave.

I think that my story about posting facts to get people ahead in life is more productive and adds value moreso than this bull.

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