Before I get off of the train, a voice tells me to stay on. I got off. I head for Rosemary Square and already see that something is wrong.

I am pretty open about what is going on with me. I have a ship of demons inside my head.

They are the heads of aliens, or dead people made alien.

I go to Starbucks, I am in line and I feel something weird tingling in my head. I turned around and catch this thing carrying on with a conversation with the woman in line behind me. Something screamed to me that it was the cops communicating with this thing. When I turned around, the woman jumped back. I asked her if she got all the information she needed as I pointed to my head. She said yes and nonchalantly went for her coffee in front of me.

I wanted to pound her in the back of her head and scream you racist bitch as I beat her ass. Instead, something inside me made sure I had composure. I moved back with a mean face, looking her up and down.

Two things here…number one, to the monster inside me, your own people communicating with you out in public are frightened of you because you’re nice 🙂 confidante practically ran up to the counter, away, from you, not me.

Number two, when I was in Key West I walked into a store and witnessed a white man whsitling at this demon thing in my head. See, I know who is controlling it. So,when i break the law for beating someones ass for breaking the law, hurting me, and spying with these demon things, I guess that means its okay it is reciprocation.

The Cheese On The Mousetrap is about you. You people are rotten molded black cheese. Walking punks. You quickly turn your head everytime I approach you, you run. It is the demon’s cowardly nature. The coy false hero.

This demon also hides in the church wife, not the saved wife, the wifey, coy woman. It is really a breed of demon and what I am telling you is that it likes to have sex and be in relationships. It is in your girlfriend and boyfriend. That is what I am saying. If you are not saved, you have a demon in you, and this kind of demon is very difficult to trace.

One of them told me to sit down and drink my water after a few people called her racist. I am talking about one of them, and I don’t know where this interaction is going on, but I heard a girl say put the dog in her neck again.

But you want me to love and go to church after you created a problem. How many problems were manmade? How many problems were created, and I am talking aliens here, to drug the alien race, not human race, with pills. See, I think I’d havea right to attack since my right have been repeatedly violated along with my private parts.

Before I left Starbucks, I heard two people talking. One said that she did not feel right doing this anymore, following me around, recording me. She said she felt sick in her stomach. “She’s going to kill herself”.

The other person said, let her kill herself like all the others. I sensed there were cameras around i could not see around me.

On the train ride here, I listened to music videos. I was told the women singing in the videos were fallen angels singing about how they lost the light with no hope, that we are all angels who went the wrong way.

I heard someone say that I am a prophet and that she is waiting for me to watch the news because a plane crashed. Ok.

What is the plight you want here? No ,not, what is your point? I know your aim.

If I have a prophecy from God, it is from God, not me. After I share it it is gone. I do not make this stuff up. So, why should I watch the news? I already told you something was going to happen.

On the slightly brighter side, I have video to showcase a talented man who sung a song here. The problem I have inside, the confliction oh dichotomy, is that I planned to write about Kobe Bryant weeks ago and things happened thereafter that. I lost my phone. I was given other things to write about, mostly plentiful with the enemy.

I like black men. I like black people. I would never deny who I am for anyone. So, when I am ready to write about that other talented person,I will. But i do it my way.

Back to earlier…

Now, after getting off of the train, the voice being Jesus from my understaning now, told me not to drink coffee. I have coffee in front of me. I was told the minute I drink it he is not helping me anymore. That is why I questioned if it were Jesus because Jesus would never leave me for good but he has a sense of humor and that is something he would say. I put the cup to my lips and alittle bit of coffee touched my tongue and I saw demons running rampant. These demons are the ones I described as the cheese on the mousetrap. It is those demons all in one place driving people insane. I saw my sister in there but it could just be another demon but these demons are funny, they seem really funny, but they are deadly and can really hurt you. They act coy and friendly, they are not. They like sex amd attention. So, if I drink this coffee I go in by myself and you would not see what happens. Whereever they are it looks like insanity. I heard a male voice say I have it setup so if she drinks the coffee she comes here and we will just beat her ass.

Notice…they have used the same verbage as myself. They are THAT smart to use reverse psychology on myself.

Am I fighting my own demons?

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