I am a police officer now

So here is what I am going to do today. I am going to play the police and tell you who these people are, because they aren’t me. They are USING MY FACE AND BIRTHRIGHT TO LIVE A FREE LIFE by magic. Looks like I am in the animal kingdom again. I keep hearing this white man say if feels so good, and that he is having sex inside of mem the question is, with whom? I will remove the caps later. I have no eardrums or sight right now, so maybe they are having sex with me. Idk. It is caller GRACE. I went to church yesterday, how stupid of me

How many police reports have I filed about identity theft? So Miss Andino, Lizbeth Andino, yes I am going to say your name because you keep stealing from me, she clains to be a gang member and I don’t know who I am fucking with (her words). I was talked down to by her lunatic husband a few days ago. I told me I am a dog, animal,prostitute, he said that my family isnt real, never was, and that the army did this to me because of what I am. He owns me and a whole bunch of nasty things as I sat inside the restaurant eating my salad and california roll. He use to serve and is one of those types that still believe, even after serving, that it is ok to interrogate and talk down to people. How do I know this? I never talked to him right. Wrong.

So everyday they plot on how to embarass me to steal my money.

I appraoched her a few years ago just to make conversation and she called the cops on me for harassment-she said some strange woman knocked on her door and blah blah blah. So, I use to go to Highschool with this woman, she dropped out of school and had a little daughter. I use to visit this woman. She is a horrible person. So, how do I tell the police she is stealing from me? Her husband is a jealous, strange man. Both of them are crazy.

This one is a white guy (obviously)
This one is a short, thin, black man. I have seen him once before.
Look at the bridge of my nose here. Her last name is ANDINO. She is hispanic, retarded, and her husband is insane and keeps comparing how his wife is so much prettier than me and how she is the queen and I am not.
This one is…something. What? Idk. I HAVE NO FFING IDEA. Some kind of being, but definately not my friend.


Below…this is ALMOST my face. So, when they use my face, they go to the bank, to the atm, say that their name is Danielle, and steal my money. This is how they spy on me to watch me undress and talk about my body, my plans etc. So, why is it

They follow me around, stalk me, and make false claims about me to make me appear as a crazy insane woman. A false prophet, a buster, the list goes on. In the Word they wouls be called the antichrist. I posted these photos as proof, I do not make claims without showing you back up. I can hear them, they are “freaking out”

Ì just heard I am going to kill that bitch and don’t choke me, and it os my husband Danielle.

Not really sure because I cannot see you. My advice? Get a divorce.

Another one, his name is Victor Otero. I saw him in person yesterday, and he is apparently running the show. I hear people crying saying it is him. He and his people are bad people, dabble in witchcraft AND he or was appparently a cop. I don’t think that one is true though. But all of them are thieves, they think they are cool because they do terrible things to people and are hiding behind a cloak so that you cannot see thrm. Whose cloak are they using? MINE??!!

I told God I do not want that Kingdom. But, he allows for them to be on me. 10 years now.

I slept at an aiport lastnight. They slept for free in a house somewhere using my money. They travel as a group, tell these alien things on my face, their other half, to do all kinds of thing s to me.

They work against me. I have family in cahoots with them, working against me. Jasmine. Alexis.

Apparently, this is a competition to win Jesus, and MY GIFTS AND BLESSINGS, and, I am on the wrong team.


It is me. What I have been told is not true. Not in church or the real world. God does not give away your blessings, if he does, then I would have to say the bible is incorrect. But, Alexis and Brande and Tony, Tish, has stolen my clothing and identification, and are dangerous.

I am alone, by myself. Brande is a witch. Tony is too. Brande feels that because she has young children, that taking my blessing from God is ok.

Another one is a black hamden police officer. I keep feeling and seeing him laugh, plot against me on how to embarass me, and he is another one whispering to me to try to confuse me is to beleiving that he is Jesus. These kind of people ruin the spiritual awakening process for others.

Yes, this is happening in real life to people and it is not this:

As it should be.

Instead, they turned it against me to trap me in hell. I cannot say I will see you later.

They have:

My face, passport, social security card, bank statements, photos of my kids, there social security cards, my laptop, a notebook with passwords, all of my college writings because they stole my flashdrives, my clothes, business plan. I was told because they stole my things I lost my life and they won.

They followed me to las vegas to steal my belongings.

Miss Andinos lunatic husband just said Danielle is gonna kill herself. They curse me all day with this stupdity. Then I run to find a safe place and they follow me around like lost dogs.

They went all the way to Paris and apparently are in Hawaii and still outside of the country. So

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