While dreaming I had a conversation with a woman. I do not know who she is, but, I can describe the area where I spoke to her.

Maybe I was not suppose to remember her face or maybe I just told myself not to describe her face.

It was very bright, I remember seeing her laptop open. There were names filled on the screen.

The names are for people here in 3D, that have contracts on them. It means you are dead for a reason.

I am told you killed Jesus or was in the crowd cheering on while the enemy crucified him.

This is your servitude and they are watching you and you will be hit if not today, tomorrow.

They are extremly serious with there jobs upstairs, this woman was not an angel but she explained to me what this was. I do not know the truth of it but they ask me all the time if I know what this is.

I have already completed my assignment and I am finishing up here.

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