Lastnight I heard my family. I heard alot of other things too. Then, something scary happened.

Someone upstairs is surveying me. It is someone, or an organization.

I was at Saks Fifth, and a woman picked out a dress for me. She said,you have an eclectic style, right?

You are an artist.

I am not just an artist and my style is not eccletic. It is not abstract.

I am not that person, but that person is apart of me.

This morning, a young woman raised her voice to me and said I need you to put your mask on. I told her I think I need to find dog food for her to eat.

When you believe the lie you become it. And it is unfortunate that she contributes to “The Order”.

My family knows I am here, and that I am alive. They still love me, and know what happened.

I watched the sky light up this morning without a sunrise.

Danielle…we are here. Danielle keep trying.

I try. I just cannot see you because that was their plan.

I try when I walk into the store and they tell me it is free, just take it and walk away. I have done that before, and a man ran after me.

He called me a thief.

The plan was to steal my things, isolate me, and fly me to Hawaii to kill me.

My mother accused the president, she said you knew who my daughter was and lied to me. My sister said you knew. If they only knew what was done to me.

How much does she cost? That was an inquiry made about me this morning. And this is not prostitution they sre talking about. It is way worse.

They made my death a business. No, they made the death of Jesus a business.

Everytime Jesus sends someone to me to help me, he is either lured away or murdered. What they have been doing is using aliens to put electrical wires into what looks like me, but is Jesus inside.

They call it a automaton, puppet or robot. Then, they sell him off. He cries real tears of pain as they rape him in wires. And they say, oh, it is just a robot. No, it is Jesus.

And Jesus says to me, it wasn’t you that died, why are you crying? It was me.

And when I answer to God, he disciplines me because he thinks I invite the enemy in to murder the help he sends because they keep trapping me. They have thought and said that I must be the enemy because they keep dying everytime they come to me, and why am I still here?

I can hear the things you do to them.

I am still here because they have cornered me and used witchcraft on me. There is another dimension for witches and wizards, they say it is a coven only. They are aliens, and they attacked my bible and my third eye when it was opened and I heard someone say do not let her in get her out of here.

There is more than one reality and this on is hell. I keep telling you. Try to breath, are you breathing or are you in Total Recall?

And as far as your I don’t believe it goes, great, keep living your lie. Sometimes, being blind is a blessing. Just stay righteous and you will be ok.

What I just told you, was shown to me in spirit. You should not reject the spirit, not unless you want too.

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