The Vine

I was at the casino, seated in the lounge area on the outskirts of the games people played. I was in Las Vegas.

Then my eyes rolled back in my head and I heard myself being hypnotized.

I woke up and went outside. I stood on the bridge and watched the fireworks in the sky before my eyes rolled back again.

Who hired them to do this? Think. Guess what? I AM BEAUTIFUL.

This one here is really important.

I heard someone scream wake the fuck up. I turned to my left and watched a black teenager hold a camera up to my face on his phone. He said he would post it on Instagram. I scolded him, as he walked away with his wicked friends.

In Florida, Fort Pierce, the same kid got on the city bus. He sat nearby and had this evil look on his face. I said to myself that I know him, I have seen him before and need to get out of here!

He was a man, much taller, same face, with some army clothes on. I just heard him laugh and say we know who you really are, lets post it on The Vine.

He is not a young teenager. He is some kind of demon or alien, with a wicked nature. And he is in the Army that I have no affiliation with, paid to stalk me.

They are paid to follow you around, steal, stalk, perform magic on, rape, hit, push, kick, smack, laugh, insult you. It is a self projection.

They are demons and they work for thr government so becareful in your travrld. That is what I tell your young white and black daughter when we talk and I am told she is traveling alone to Vegas. You are walking about and they are hanging around, watching you like prey.

I tell them the truth.

(Children of the Horns, not Corn)

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