If you happen to see an angel come to you in the clouds, a white mist, and all you see is his face smiling at you, as he speaks to you, it is not his face. If his facial features do not move, he is in captivity. It means that he or she is wired and being forced to do things.

I know what I am talking about.

If you see tears rolling down his face as he smiles at you, he is not smiling tears of joy and he is not crying tears of the holy spirit, he cries tears from pain.

The atmosphere you see around you are angels. The television you see, the shows you watch are created by the magic of the angels in captivity.

There is a person behind the angel being used as a chariot.

You should work on finding the magic to set them free because that angel might be you.

Someone just said, so that is what they are doing to you. That is what they do to all of you, you just do not know because you have demons on your chakras.

Guess who is in charge? The same people who are telling you what to do. It is YOUR magic they use to oppress and regulate. That is the truth.

-God Bless

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