Who deserves the blessing

I watch two youngs boys dance around the water fountain. They both wore the same school uniforms. The first one is thin, short. He runs around, exhilarated. He screams joy.

The brother runs around like the other, except he is chunky. He smiles and his head perks to the side when his face gets wet. His father calls him over to the bench. He says, Maximus, come over here. So, he does it.

The boy asks if he can run into the water. The father says no.

Maximus runs back to the fountain. His brother races into the water without asking Dad for permission.

I pondered, Maximus is such a strong name for a child who is not a risk taker. I was not that child. I am not that woman.

I thought about stories in the bible.

You need to let your children lead, express themselves and be.

I forgot to mention that Maximus ran into the water, after his brother did.

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