Not only am I retarded, but I fart uncontrollably. I pissed on myself three times within the past two days.

I walked this morning and a woman approached me to ask if I wanted makeup applied to my eyebrow.

I told her no. I am retarded. How else is anyone suppose to know?

She said you need to be on medication for saying that outloud. She pointed her finger and poked it my way, almost matching each syllable. Almost like when your mother wipped you in your young days, and lashed your ass with the belt in synch with each:


Anyway, I looked at her and said, I am.

I laughed inside. I have never been cursed out for telling someone I am retarded. What kind of person curses out another for making that kind of statement, even if it is not true. Well at least here, because if you have been reading my posts, then you know what they are doing to me and others upstairs.

I stood in line behind a tall man. He was about 6’7″, he has dreads that fall down to his butt. Maybe he is in his late 40s, early 50s? His hands were at his side as he waited to place an order for his lunch.

His legs were slightly open. I watched him lift one foot, tap it next to his other sneaker, then lift it, and put his foot back in place. He repeated the action with his other foot. It was a little girl dance. Then I said to myself, ok, he either has a female spirit in him or an animal spirit or both. Do you think he thought to make those movements? Or did his body just move?

What made him move reader?

But this man is a manly man.

Did you hear me? He has an alien, demon inside of him, and he does not know it. It made a fool out of him by making him tap dance in line. So what he is suppose to do is fast, exercise, meditate, and become HISSELF again, to leave towards his salvation. The alien inside him will look ALMOST exactly like him, will act like him and “play him ” to live his 3D life here in the lowest dimension.

And the man behind me wore hunting gear. He hunts animals. He stood with his arms crossed in a no nonsense stance.

He reminded me of the people I talked to when I worked for the Trump Campaign. The voters. Forced to take this job, my role was to knock on doors and speak to voters. I spoke to alot of men wearing hunters gear, and senior citizens.

I spoke to FEAR. I spoke to people who needed to rely on a figure to fix and hash out what they could not understand. I heard complaints about fake phone calls, false advertisements on the computer, television.

It’s fake

This frightened population sought someone to protect them.

After walking a full circle, I passed the woman who told me I need to be on medication. She was on her cellphone, arguing with someone.

I continued moving, and said to myself, that is what I have always been, the fall guy. That person people lash their problems out on, and I walk away always saying to myself, well, that person is having a bad day.

But I never thought I’d be the one to have everything taken from me. And God, why am I still here? To absorb some more sin?

Hey retard, the plan here is for them to clone you, make the clone the retard, and for you to leave here and be yourself.

They are not your friends. They are an alien race being controlled and you should probably work to get them off of you.


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