Problems Today

1. I felt my spirit get ripped up out of my body and whoever did it, I can hear this person threaten me (witch).

2. My toes have been burning for the past 20 minutes.


The guy sitting next to me just threw a balled up paper straw at the bartender. I cant see who the guy really is sitting next to me. Whoever it is got out and is on the other side but next to me.

4. They have made me believe there are no hotels available for the past 4 days now.

5. My faith is not the greatest.

6. I thought I saw my son today, but then I remembered I am seeing the enemy only. The enemy has placed over 15 plus lookalikes in front of me to make me think it is my son. I use to follow and cry. I don’t anymore.

7. Everyone around me does not look like what I see.

8. I have come to the conclusion that all this started happening to me like, since 10 years ago, and whoever it is wants me in captivity or dead.

9. Noone really wants to help.

10. My emotions, thoughts, and point of view has been tampered with and shifted all day. Someone is working very hard to hide something.

11. What is this exactly? It feels like a big party held for me, and I was kicked out, but still here.

12. They called the police on me yesterday, again.

13. My foot is burning again. Yesterday they made me think and beleive that they peeled off my townails and used a knofe to sliver the spaced between my nail and skin. All I saw was blood.

14. I caught something spying on me 2 nights ago, I walked towards it and it ducked. Then, I advanced towards it and nothing was there. I saw 2 black shadow ghosts thereafter.

15. I used the restroom. Bent forward, someTHING, would not quit trying to open the stall door. I walked out after peeing. Whatever IT was left the faucet turned on.

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