Bus Stop.

What is the way to find Jesus? I voice openly that I am tired of meeting people who claim to know Jesus, but do not.

There. I am pointing to my heart. Here you forgive. Here, and inside your brain, you meditate. You meditate the word Jesus in your mind until he speaks to you in your heart.

I explain here I only follow preachers *in spirit*.

Here I explain why churches fall apart and how people know how to use the power in the name of Jesus for the benefit of the power, not the benefit of you.

Jesus is inside your heart, not abounding in the air when you scream very loudly the power in the name of Jesus. Hopefully, you get an Angel or spirit guide to assist you.

I explain here to you how the churches need to expand and offer retreats on the grounds with guided meditation sessions, and organic, vegan foods.

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