Problems today (Canaanites)

In hotel room, shower, prior to getting in someone kept directing to do this and that. When I was in the shower, a hired one woman tell her, the woman on me to make me play with myself or touch me downstaird to get out. Then they switched my body/soul, and I felt her rub ne downstairs. She might be a police officer and she is using my face.

I just felt penetration again, and heard the following words below this paragraph. I also feel the unhappiness and guilt inside my stomach from whoever just raped me. They removed my eyes and eardrums and tried to cover up the feeling downstaird. They are aalien animals. Demons. One of them is a black man in the enemies army. This one was in cahoots of stealing my belongings. They told me to read the bible earlier.

I was just violated. I heard a black demon say, guess what everyone its free now. I do this all the time, now I call the police and tell them that its someone else.

I heard a male voice say I love my brother for getting this stupid bitc*. I also heard a woman say call NICOLE (MUNCHIE?), she’s leaving.

They were talking to each other asking who I am and if I have an std as I showered.

Aliens. Someone is really in this room.

Canaanites made to be long nailed demonic slaves.

The reptile is back acting like a famiky member. Everything you read here is the actions of the reptile alien animal named Todd and Will.

I saw the blonde Todd monster a few days ago and heard him answer to someone that he changed my reality. That he took my fame and made me believe I am poor. This animal is the main one stealing my money. I heard him ask if the people who came to save me left, and I heard someone say yes. And he said, they believed it was her. Meaning, they beleived that whoever used my face to get out was me.

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