(Backstabber) They Wanna Take Your Place

I was just instructed to put a mask over my face, mocked in public, called an animal and toyed with all lastnight in my hotel room.

I am getting a pedicure right now. I was told there were no other magazines available but Cosmo due to COVID.

I said ok.

I opened the magazine and saw a flashback for when I was in Utah and saw a billboard about Comsopolitan and how our young women should not read it because it has sexual content.

Then I remember that my enemy, the person who I use to work with who has ties with the Illuminati in real life, she has a cousin who is a director for Cosmo.

So what? Margarita, do you want me to add God to this mix when you and your supposed drug addict husband stalk, harass me everyday with witchcraft? Hey Coworker, it is not right to spread rumors about someone to ruin their reputation to delay that person’s promotion.

An hour ago, they kept repeating she is Mona Lisa, a Queen and I am her slave.

She just called me trash an hour ago and someone told her to punch me in my face in spirit. You should act like your SELF and not me.

But nevertheless, I will help you out.

Since this is the only magazine here, and you killed Jesus, or I am sorry, you won and you are Jesus.

I edited the part above because I am a sloppy writer.

And no offense on Cosmo, because I have been reading you since I was a teenager and you got me throguh really haed days. I am sorry you hired this person. She is greek and her family is a disgrace.

I was going to call you greek trash but I am better than you, in real life. I do not meet people, go into their circle to tell lies for slimey gain.

Here it is: wait…before I post it, I want my reader to understand their foul, manipulative agenda for me to post this. They don’t care about God they care about how they look. Their character, because THEY ARE NOT HONEST WITH THEIR AGENDA.


God made the man fart to help you Katrina.

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