Illusive Egypt

And for Samoun-I am wrong here, his name is Wolfgang, Tish and the police officers in disguise, looking like someone else to save people, when all you all are doing is having sex with each other in your version of Egypt-you are stuck there for a reason. You killed people in 3D to get where you are and you won your lucrative deal.

This police officer went “undercover” to tail my husband because he is a mobster and sich a bad person. She loves her job so much that she droppes her bag and her pants and left them behind because she fell in love with him.

She told him look, I am a cop and I left my job for you.

Now that sentence is going to be put in bold here. And my husband or whoever he is now, is not a mobster.

“Danielles a mobster”

“Thats why we use her” (because you are so brave you cannot fo your job, but inside entrap myself and others to use them to do tour job officer not)…These people lied to my family and have been killing people and setting me up using my face and power. They put me in the illuminati, boston massacre, celebrities, and told people that I wanted to kill them.

“But thats setting her up”

Do you understand? They are putting me inside the Illuminati to attack you people and I am unaware of there actions so if you come to me and say you hate me for attacking you I am sorry I did not know, they killed me for my life to attack people and use me as a weapon and that is the truth.

-Good luck

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