Yes, God blessed me with one blue eye

The reason why I am not smiling is because I have an animal on me. They don’t understand emotion,and have been telling me what to do. The latest is that they are going to put me in a straight jacket.

1. That is not my face and the reptile is not here for my salvation. In case you are wondering. He is here to enslave me and put me back where I was because I “almost got out”

He has blues eyes and works for the government and is dangerous. He can change your reality. He just threatened me again.


He just warned me to be careful. All of this for my money and a premonition.

They put something over my legs and arms . It felt like a blanket weighing me down. Then I heard laughter.

This one has killed people.

Say JESUS to them, and they hate you more.

You might think this is funny but whereever he is, I hear crying, forced slavery and rape. And someone just cried and said please stop it hurts.

I am a sneak so they gotta put ME in check.


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