1. I proved to you I can see the future-that is a motive because you are so illegally interested about natural disastors

2. I proved to you I have a government animal on me. Your dog to spy. It is you!

3. You know why, mostly because of number 1.

4. Lastnight I was made to believe Terell Owens was in my room, and Mike Tyson was raping me. Number 2. Calls me his bread and butter and number 2. Is a reptilian animal. They made me believe my daughter was brainwashed and being prostitued by Ronald Isley, and that I am a prostitute. Blame it on government garbage. I was forced to bend over nude on my bed.

5. They tried to make me disown my family.

6. If you are like me don’t bother calling the FBI.

7. Referring to this post on this day Status-Its called Entrapment, the paragraph that talks about Shelley. I saw the same bald headed blonde woman as I did that day at the hotel. She asked me if i like jiggly or muscular asses. I told her i have intelligent conversation. She didn’t understand what I meant.

8. I heard someone say my name outside lastnighy, and that these people are telling others I am a prostitute when I am not. They were literally outside of the hotel.

10. I just did your job and proved my own case.

9. Danielle, they think you’re acting.


An hour later:

What I hear you saying about me right now:

“I’ll put the whole regime in her”

“I’ll” kill that bitch”

He is a white man, tan army fatigue on with a hat, blondehair, bignose. Its your government dog creating a problem for the government to respond. A few years ago he said he covered it up and noone is going to find out. I dont know what a regime is but they are putting people in me, to kill me.

About 6″5′, 6″6′

“He is athiest, he knows what he is doing, we”ll get her” you are the thief!

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