Status, The Pit

I am not sure if anyone has noticed, but I am not posting like I use to. I have not posted like I was since the WIP: TRAPPED SOUL.

Someone has used witchcraft to put something inside my head to kill me because I was thinking too much.

I discovered something new and like always they come along to ruin me and take credit for my findings.


Why? They want people to believe I am a dog and not a human being. I was just thinking earlier that I never knew I had an enemy that hated me so much.

I am catching a flight soon. Someone stole something from me again. Before I accuse I thought why not just wait around and see if I left my 80.00 purchase behind. Three dresses I paid for and came up empty handed when I reached my hotel room.

I should just say forget it, it is 80.00. But then, it would be a continual thing of my belongings missing.

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