Is anyone alive in here?

I am feeling kind of silly right now. I had a post planned out inside my head until it left.

I remembered going to a Senior Living Center apartment building this morning, I talked to the leasing agents there about a few people that need there attention somewhere else.

My mother for one, is going around telling people I am retarded. The problem is she is not my mother, she is a clone. 😄…ok, I still love her though, and yes, she worries about me but I am really not retarded, ok?

And fyi-my mother is a deep diver, and she is watching you, I mean, me. She is SUPER.

You can see my Cum Laude bravado in one of my posts below.

But, same goes for my “dad”. He cares but if I touch him will he dissappear? He is SUPER. Apparently, he is in Jerusulem. Idk.Then I wondered about a news reporter who follows me around. She is in her late 50s, and she would do well here! Her name is Desiree. I thought she would be great.

Yes, I told them that. Yes, I laughed inside. Someone has to make me happy with all the craziness going on. Why not me?

Then I rolled my luggage forward as my sock rolled down to my heel. I turned in the street and thought, when is this going to end? Someone is watching me and keeps telling me to posr, to kill me. But, I am dead, I have monsters in me, ghost giggling in my face, hair. I am alone. I have a tv in my head showing fake things, that is what life seems like.

Lastnight, a fairy offered me sex. He told me to lie on my back near the water fountain so he can give me oral sex. He was muscular and naked. He also morphed. All he needed in exchange was for me to do the same. He was brownskinned with red lips. He was goodlooking. I called him cheese. Afterwards I worried if he were suppose to be having THAT kind of conversation. If not, did something force him to have sex because his nature is different. And if I did have sex with him, what would happen to me?

I kept moving around. I sat on a bench, in my thoughts. I sae Michael Jackson again. I laughed because he was trying to make a mean facelike one of the demons on me, to help me. But I wondered if he had it in him to be mean. I thought the same in the past about myself. Michael curled his bottom lip up and his eyebrows were dangerous. There was a woman withgim laughing. His nature, innocent like mine. Playful like Nemo and Disney stars. Then I got angry. I heard a noise and looked to my left. I was seeing webby double vision. I saw a 7-8 foot tall invisible being. He said, I will not hurt you.

He (I hope) is the Gaia because I am so ready to leave.

Then I recalled them telling me Nicholas Cage was using me. I heard him ask me not to embarass him as he was being questioned about a stunt. I embarassed him kindly because hello, I am still here. Then, I heard a few women say we know who he’s using, he is acting like it is all him.🙃

The fairy turned to something else. Then I saw my husband and myself in a castle, having a friendly conversation.

Back today, one second I am upset, the other I am goofy.

Maybe its the coffee. I stood in the middle of the coffee shop, spread my arms and danced because the people seated appeared to be dead.

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