If you don’t know, I will share again. I just left the clothing store, and they do not have my purchase.

That is why I stayed another night.

Someone went into my shopping bag and stole 3 silk dresses. The total cost $80.00. No refund or credit.

They got me again.

I do not know how real this is, but I am sitting with a sweaty t-shirt on, at the bar drinking juice. And I hear people making fun of me, but I cannot see it.

And the face keeps changing in every picture. I don’t think it is real or her. Why? Look below.
If you zoom her face splits in half 🤔. Do you see that ghost?
Her hairline matches

I see a woman who looks like Adriana Lima, and I remember seeing John Legend in person. Is it his wife? I mentioned this to a security guard and her excitement was monotone. She also looked my clothes up and down. But someone is talking to me and that really looks like Adriana Lima? Alicia Keys? Are we done making fun of Danielle now? I am not purposely name dropping here. I feel pain in my head, and my vision is blurry. So, it would be great to clear this up. I looked at my face in my cellphone and saw Rebecca Good.

Supposedly, I have a mean monster in me, making fun of me in front of them. He told me to pick a bugger, and I heard someone say let me see her teeth.

This post is really about the rudeness of people, their passive aggressive behavior.

A few nights ago, a pushed my luggage through the door of the hotel after a man jumped in front of me to catch the elevator. I eyed the back of his shirt as I walked to the front desk.

It read HOOKER.

This morning as I walked through the mall towards the bathroom a woman turned her back towards me so that I can read:


This morning, I heard two men talking about me. Since I ordered fried Tofu, they said oh she is one of them types. Stuck up.

I am still being categorized and toyed with.

On the train to Brickell, I was told I am Rihanna. In the square, I see what looks like her parents. When I approached the couple, the face on the father changed. They were escorted by a security guard.

I saw her and her brother a few years ago, why did I see her parents today?

IDK . . .

Maybe because someone has tried to kill me. And my coming here, after staying outside all night with luggage was meant to embarass me. So, whomever is running that show, your actions illustrate who you are. And as I write this, they toy with my mind. Dumb my words to make me appear non-intelligent. Laughter. It is funny.

And as far as the celebrities go here in this room I am in, I care less about your opinions and more interested in the fact that the rich ones, born rich, do not know that struggle and pay to be urban or have a personality to adopt a cultural EGO. It is easy to pick on the “simple” and treat people as if they are items at a store. I am referring to the ones who do not know what struggle is, but act to be down. I am not a toy, object, that you sit in a circle at home and talk, laugh about over cavier. If that sounds like you, you lost touch with the basics.

And I am sorry.

You do not know life. I question this reality.

Why am I here? What is the purpose here?

You know what? I am going to do this. The entire time I sat here I was made to feel uncomfortable, and unaware of conversation. Some women here, with silicone, status,and pretty smiles are nasty. I just used the bathroom and found piss all over the floor, and bloody pads in the toilets.

I have a family member, someone is embarassing me and worried I would embarass him or her based off of a celebrity=human being, opinion. That is IDOLATRY. Your supposed embarassment is IDOLATRY.

You should be moreso worried about the monster I wrote about. Who is he? What is wrong with him? Was that satan?


What a statement.

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