The Control Center

This is odd and funny. I need you to understand how clever the system is, or better yet, what you are dealing with here in this dimension.

Visual stories: truth and lies.

I need to give you some background information about myself first (my life).

I have Jesus in me. Lately, it has not felt that way, but I do. It is an usual amout of Jesus. The hand of God is to the right of him. The hand does the discipline.

In HS, I had a “friend” who went by the name Nena. I have a sister who is a gemini. Watch this.

This is a robot. Can you see it smile? Me.
I call myself Rose from Titanic

This is to the right of the main robot.

It’s a brain.

This is to my left.

Two Robots connected to one brain. Gemini.

I kept walking and found my sons nickname on the edge of the border.

Then, I found numbers again:


Extra people dismantled:

Two Brains
A torso detached from a body; dismembered

We all exist in different dimensions, eras, and future. There is a place in a building like this that houses our bodies.

In 3D reality, the “brains” are power transformers.

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