My Land and Life

1. They took my land and life.

2. My life is fake. I am talking about this life.

3. I came into this hotel room and was told that the justification for them doing this to me is that my husband is a drug dealer and I do not deserve to be happy. I am living someone elses life and it is not my own. So, I might have this drug dealers wife inside of me, it is not me SIR, that is in response to whoever that hispanic man is that was physically decapitated. He said he wants me dead for what my husband did to him 🙄, I don’t know him, would never date a drug dealer, and someone is putting trash inside of me and making me look like these people.

4. My mind was just erased, whatever my thought was just left, but I can hear my “father” say let me hear her thoughts, and that he is using me to go on vacation. It isn’t my father, he is a monster and needs to be stopped. It is satan. A few days ago I felt my fingernails being ripped off my hands and I was told they are using me. They are beings or people in a different time killing me.

5. I was shown my daughter again, this time she looked back at one of these naked fairy things. She was on a cliff and looked at empty space. It was blue light she was looking at. She was crying and said I am all alone. The fairy began to laugh.

6. Some people involved worked for the UI COMPANY, and some of them following me still work there and have connections with celebrities. I was told by one of them that he works for Disney.

7. Tanisha stewart

8. Ramona and Jodi, Joy from work

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