My Type

Somewhere, in another dimension, or maybe even in real life, I have silicone breasts. I had plastic surgery.

I remember seeing myself in a vision. I was inside a hotel in NY. I was naked, and my fake breasts were up against the window, smushed, as I looked out. It was dark out, night time, and someone was having sex with me from behind.

It was 50cent.

I would like you to know that I am sorry first. It was not me.

You are not my type. You are my mothers type. She likes tall, dark skinned men. You are her type. But I don’t think she would set me up. I know I used to work with someone named Beverly Gibson who is involved. You are her type. And, shehas used me before because she worked for the union and is a president for the union. So 50cent, wherever you are, and wherever that was, it just might be her. It was not me.

Another thing about you…

I know that you are paying Raquel Martins and others. I would like you you to know that they are using witchcraft on me, and it is a group of people on your payroll to hurt me. David Lozado is another one. And the one runningthe show is a monster, heis my fathers ghost/clone. Not my real father, but satan.

But it is just show business.

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