My Life

I would like to share with you what I saw a few days ago. After sitting in the restaurant, and hearing a monster talk about me to everyone in this building, I saw him yesterday and alot of things began to make sense….

I really am an Angel.

I know what I am capable of, my power. I know who my husband is in another life, and I know what is really going on.

I saw all of you yesterday and I remember.

I was murderered in another dimension for my fame. And the celebrities are using my power from God, and that is why they killed me. And my husband is Jesus. What I am telling you is that his greatest version is Jesus.

He is in a higher dimension. I can show you what I am talking about.

God multiplies all of us. In another dimension, someone shot me, threw sand in my face and murdered me for my life. They took my hand and squeezed my fingers together. It may have happened in Mexico, or New York, one of the two.

I already knew this BEFORE my alien friend informed me that he killed me so I can stay stuck here with him. My alien friend is Balphomet, and Balphomet is worshipped by the people I worked with, as I wrote earlier. They are Masons. And if he is not Balphomet like you claim, someone made him look like Balphomet.

They are killing Jesus

Sorry to interrupt your little party.

I ak not Mary and I can hear my ex crying, saying that I am not. And his family is sick and convinced I am. Then either Marcus or Melissa Romans husband,a mason, demonic thing, blocked me


I saw:

Jennifer Jones

Marco Villafane, David Padilla

Nicki minaj

Ruth Torres-just told this thing in my head that the minute i win and he dies (the one who has my life), to squeeze my brain until i die. This man they are speaking of is a murderer

Vanessa Zapata -this one stepped on my foot with heels on

Christina douglas

Tatiani Holden, Jovan Gant (they spent my money to go to Paris)


Elvin Ayala, this one I thought was my husband. He was in my house kissing amd fondling me from behind. I turned around and instead of seeing the face of my husband I saw elvin ayala as a demon. He posed as my husband to get in my house and have sex with me. He wore his face.

He was a boxer

Gladys Roman

Yolanda Pierson, John Pierson (his mother)

Ronnie Cooker


Jennifer Llanos

Peter Murray/Murphy

Sokea Dos

Timothy Barnes

Tubarack Barnes

Shelina Chadamia


Roni Elliot


Remy Martin


Justine timberlake

Police officers

David Roman or it is Robert or someone playing you. I don’t know anymore.

Angel Roman

Charlize Theron, Alicia Keys. Get them all off of me.

And I know that this reality is not real.

They all were in a circle watching a monster rape me on the floor in some mansion like place.

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