My Typical Day (This is considered a good one)

I am going to jot down the happenings of my day here.

I just ordered an Uber. The driver opened his trunk for me to put my luggage inside. Fifty pound luggage. He has army pants on. I go to the back and see a big picture of Alicia Keys. It is the only picture in his car.

That is all they care about.

I heard a few people say hey I like your show, I don’t quite recall having a show but okay.

I just hoped into another Uber, and Rihanna is playing. “I’m friends with the monsters inside of my head”

As I waited for the uber, I saw Terrence Howard in a white misty place and heard him say look up bitch.

I heard one man say oh my god i am jesus, and another say to follow her because they need a new car. As I sat on the bench, the ghost flew to a woman and told her I am a prostitute. They changed me. And the prositite made an appearance in my room lastnight. She is either indian or hispanic, brown skinned, black wavy hair, and she jumped into my head. Before she jumped into my head she told whoever is inside of me, that she is prettier than me.

I heard someone say it was Cardi B.

In the mall, someone flashes a Kobe Byrant t-shirt in my face. I keep walking. A woman suggests I look at boots, buy a jacket. I go into the store and look at the jacket and find that it was already tried on. I was already here earlier today. The associate asked me were you? I said yes, I was. I was already here.

The jacket and shoe purchase was a joke made by her. She knows why. (Cardi B). She purchased jackets and shoes for homeless people and I said why not get them off the street instead. But it was not me who said it, it was God. And that is where people get it confused. Oh, I was in spirit when I said it.

I saw Lebron James. And heard someone say it is TI.

They keep telling me Danielle you are not homeless. No really? I know I am not. I told you what they are doing to me. I saw Saraliz Martinez this morning, posing as a man. Another lesbian. Margarita said the reason why she is doing this to me is because in my thoughts I am an awful person. I am not that either. But you both are cheese. I also heard Cherita Parker.

Someone in me is trying to push me around to act like I am shopping, enjoying myself. She just said I am not going to prison. The woman in my head, is telling me to use the bathroom and to make me the dog so that I can act on this show for these people. It is either Desiree or Margarita. I am referring to the woman who was in my hotel room lastnight. Maybe it was her all along because she is not human.

They have my day and life planned out for me. What do you call that when you are not able to live your life? This has been my life since I graduated from college.

Someone with army clothes on gave an air dap to security as he walked by. I don’t know but I am tired of always being made the criminal in the game.

I just heard it was Vernon Tillman, Brande is crying. I heard Brande they know, and she said just make her Yana-her daughter. That means, make her a teenager instead of a grown woman. Jeanette Simon.

Leticia Angelo is another one overseeing project steal from Danielle. This one has been stealing since she was a kid so that it no suprise.

I cannot see because they are in my eyeballs.

I juat heard someone that I know say, this is nooooot what she is doing. I know who that pereon is, but they just erased her from my memory so that I cannot remember.

Ivelisse Segarra and her cousin Teesha.

Alyssa Milano,Jayz

The one bossing me around and trying to force me to stay here. For one, I was told she is a witch. Her name is Cathy Scillia.

The monster. He is going to withdraw money out of my account now. I would like to point out that steven spielberg, I heard him laugh and say that they believe these are actors I am paying. They are not. Hahaha.

As i sat in the Uber today, Nicole, the headcrawler, or whatever monster it is, I felt her lift my shirt and bra up to show the driver. This thing has done this more than once.

Someone just withdrew money out of my account.

The problem that they have with me (sinners) is that when I die or get up there, they will be judged.

It is fear by the sinner.

I am in an Uber again and metallica, the call of ktulu is playing

“Master of Puppets” I Will help you dieeeeeeeeee 😒

I hwar an old white man laughing. He called me a scumbag, used my creditcard (i was alerted) and said lets call her kids. Demons.

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