Another Typical Day

Before you read this, I do not want to ruin your spiritual awakening experience to freedom. What this post is about, is me showing you that people know how the process works, and there are celebrities and beings above out here to help you, but there are also demonic people out here who work to destroy your blessings. On your ride to freedom they give you money and help you to fame or by some other means to get out. After I graduated from highschool, they came into my life and ruined it. And after I had ny spiritual awakening, they stole me possessions. They need to be put away and definately out of my house. They put a demon in my head, MY BRAIN, AND TOLD HIM TO MAKE ME BRAINDEAD MORE THAN ONCE.

I am at the airport. My father is here looking for me but cannot see my face. Whoever has thia thing on my face, spread it on my body and controlled me to sit like a dog. She said she loves him more. This woman is playing my mother and she is going to die. She called me a stupid ass bitch. Her name is Jessica Rosario. I feel pain in my arms and chest. She said she would burn me and she has tried to kill me 3 times thus far, and it is a police officer or someone from Florida. I know this,because this person began to do this to me, in Florida. Glorida Estefan, Jennifer Lopez, Christina Millian…someone who knows or met them. Someone just quit…I was told her name is Bianca. I have a mob wive in mw, Drita, Renee or JohnGotti grandmother, the blonde, courtesy of leticia angelo. Karen marie moning lives in Florida. Whoever it is keeps saying she fogured it out first and loved him first. I DO NOT CARE. Sandra? I am really trying here because so far my money has been spent today again, I do not have my family, and someone is doing this to me. So either my family was murdered or I do not have a family. which one is it? Igdalia perez? You see, officer, I know you are hiding. It is someone hiding in a security room laughing. It is a coward. And I keep calling everyone out and noone seems to respond. I just get an illusion while everyone around me is in a mask lauughing, and spending my money. That is all this is about MONEY. I know who it is now, because I just saw him. He is hispanic and a demon and he broke into my house and “hit me” he is one of them going around telling people who I am to act like me. The question here, is who is he apart of?

I know who writes this way. My daughter writes this way.

My REAL husband is crying and he said that this man and his family, islamic people or native american, whatever they are, they are monsters and not to listen to anything they say.

I have an ugly monster in me that refuses to leave.

So before you call me insane again I am going to show you what is going on again:

It is one of these things being operated by someone. That is a demonic soul.
That is me, at MY HOUSE

This was me. A church going, nice, educated woman, mother, until someone came along and attacked me


None of these people are me, and this is my blessing that someone else is using for my freedom. They are spending my money, using my face and acting like me. Stalking and threatening me. They are using demons, so whatever celebrity upstairs is helping me, I cannot hear you.

Do you see my brain above my head? Top right?
My brain. Do you see it?

I am going to tell you who these people are

This one is a fat white politician. He is one of them “running the show” he is fat, has brown curly hair, and one eye is lowered he said from serving in the military. He lives in CT and has followed me around. VEGAS.
This is Nicole. I do not make that face. This is in Vegas when my LUGGAGE WAS STOLEN
This is Halloween. Nicole Sperandio. This one calls me trash, stupid, with Aicha.
A white woman, not me. And, I am prettier than you. Because that is what this is about with you. Look at her posing like she is something special ..In my body.
And, I am prettier than you.
This one is a tired, mean bitch. I am going to tell you about her. I was posing in the camera, smiling, trying to MAKE MYSELF HAPPY, and then this woman came on my face and said no, you dont act this way. You are retarded. That means she was at the airport too. And funny, i cant remember her name but i know it is mainly her and her boyfriend. They worship satan. She smokes alot of cigarettes, and needs to get a life. She needs to be charged with something because they have been doing this to me for years. She told me to stop smiling, and basically tried to ruin my day. She is on the other side. Her and her boyfriend is telling people my whereabouts. Marcella. Her sister Inza passed away long ago in HS and she is following around, performong witchcraft to aee her dead sisters spirit because I am an Angel, and my sister Brande and Tish are the ones giving the okay. And apparently I am adopted, and the family I know hates me.
This looks like Mariah Carey. Jessica Rosario is playing her.

This is me, this is who I really am, and this is my face. God removed these people off of me during my spiritual awakening.

This is me during my spiritual awakening
This is me during my spiritual awakening
This is me during my spiritual awakening
This is me during my spiritual awakening
Look! That is my baptismal shirt!

It is to the point where I am


Now, you understand why I am this way.

This is me, happy as can be:

I was just attacked here
Look at my forehead. It is black. They literally killed a good spirit in my 3rd eye. That is why I tell you to leave because the second you have Jesus in you they come to attack because they are upstairs living your life. These are people I knew that were never my friends.
So this is what happened, after the above picture.

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