Army (Navy)

I can also hear the army outside of my vision saying that I think I can do what the fuck I want to so. See, they are the ones going through my pictures to write these things. But, what they do not understand is that they are also stealing from me, and I do not have to listen to neither one of them. I do not like people who talk about others that cannot see or hear. What that makes you is cheese in uniform.

They are hanging around me and they think I am embarassed. I am not. They are lingering around waiting for something in cloak.

Do you see this?

They are in that space.

So whoever just forced me to sit down and write these things just went into that space, called me stupid and that I cannot see he is embarassing me, and is kissing either Margarita or another wpman in that space. That is why Nefertiti was attacked. He just said bye and left because he is wrong like most of the other people listed here.

All I keep hearing is she is Nefertiti, she is Nefertiti, she is Nefertiti. Maybe in the past like, a very long time ago. But my name is Danielle and you guus keep coming back for that too. And Nefertiti does not deserve my life. And she was recently attacked in the past because of it. Now watch them all come back.

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