Silver Pyramid

This post is going to be a WIP. I will keep it up until I am finished uploading everything. It is very similar to WIP: Trapped Soul. The difference here is that this place exist somewhere in the future, and these objects are all connected for entrance. Into the pyramid or other dimension. It is futuristic and I will not take full credit for it because an Angel pointed it out to me, it is something that exists elsewhere in the future.

Pyramid shaped on top of building, but also mirrored
Across from building above is the eye
Across from building is the crop circle, druid circle
Time on the clock
Squarelike Building
Triangle, Squares, Circles
Depiction Of Crop Circle/Druid Circle
Depiction of A Crop Circle/Druid Circle
Breastplate depiction
12 Tribal Breast Plate

The 12 tribes can be found within the pyramid or structure? Possibly.

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