Kingdom from Hell

This is either Jonathan,Jovan Gant or Antione. I do not know Antione’s last name, but I can tell you a story about him. A couson named Kevin? Just who are you? At summer camp I went swimming in a public pool. He got into the pool, swim over to me and pinched me really hard in my butt.

I mention this because for the past few days someone has been squeezing my butt.

I am posting these photos because their ghosts are on me. They are on the other side, controlling their ghosts, telling their ghosts to do these things to me. This one is very dangerous and crazy as in, I was poor, I have women and money now and Danielle is not stopping me from having fun crazy. The look you see in these pictures is NOT MY FACE.

In this picture, he was enjoying the moment of seeing a celebrity. Look at the look in his face. Jesus please forvive me but something is wrong with this man.
In this picture, he threatened me

Everytime a ghost comes on my face I grab my phone and take a picture of it.

He is not happy to see me here. He looks displeased.
I was just told he is a cop

So I would like to tell you what kind of crazy he is. I don’t know if he served in the army, but he is the kind of crazy that will smile in your face, have a comversation with you, after just killing someone. Just imagine him having company with a dead body in the next room and he is all calm and collective. He is that kind of crazy. He is someone else following me around. That is not my face.

The word kidnapped comes to mind. I cannot see my family, my cellphone is taped, I am being stalked and my money is being tampered with to control my whereabouts, and I am fed this COVID bullshit. It is illegal, it is a crime.

The other two: Danielle Gaetano and Brande Radford-this one just said she wishes she could kill me.

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