An Explanation

I am going to explain to you once more what they are doing to me and you. Throughout your day you think you are doing fine. But, throughout your days you are being raped, killed and cloned. You cannot feel it most of the time because they are putting satan in you or whatever the octupus thing is, to make you believe you are alive, well, and happy.

The problem is that when they come down, they are too be used for our salvation to freedom. My salvation has been taken from me many times and given to someone else as if my death is a business.

They have cloned me many times, put a retarded person in my clone at times, and Jesus, to use my clone for all sorts of things. To play house wife, to have sex with, to put wires inside to make a robot.

Everytime Jesus comes to bring me home, THEY KILL HIM. And they use a demon to use my face, and steal my possessions to fool Jesus into thinking they are me. That is how they take my blessing. THAT IS ANOTHER REASON WHY THEY STEAL YOUR THINGS. REMEMBER IN THE BIBLE WHEN THE BROTHER STOLE THE BLESSING?

That is what I am saying.

And the Bible says yes, you are to use the enemy and you can change the enemy to work to your favor. Yes, you will get salvation but you have to brainwash the enemy when he flies into your head. But, I have more than one in my head now because “I got out”

This is what they are doing:

You are happy.

Jesus just blessed you. He died again for you. You feel great! You either have a new heart or just came from Sunday service. Jesus dies every single time you get blessed by the way. And he is there in your heart looking just like you.

Something comes alone and attaches itself to your body. Hides what you look like, how you smell because you really smell like shit because you are dead, makes you look think and believe you are okay…

When this is really what is going on. You are dead. Something flys down from heaven to kill you and clone you. You are suppose to know or figure out that, God is calling you to go find your blessing even though you cannot really hear him because your chakras are not cleared out of your body. So that means whoever you have an argument with that is in your heart can hear your blessing before you can. But, here they come to make you braindead because Jesus just gave you life:

Here is where your body is going:

And someone on the other side says I want to be a celebrity or I want to have her blessing. How much money can I pay you to have that? And then, they have my body in spirit. Or yours, I don’t know, I guess it is whomevers spirit they have for the picking. Even though they just murdered Jesus, and do not care, whatsoever.

So then, I drive around, as the bible tells me, looking for my blessing because I was promised it, and not only do I find the portal, I see my blessing and others that I know, kicking ME OUT of my own blessing. How is that possible? And I am told, to forget about it when a covenant was made with me, that appears to be broken.

This was for the salvation of many souls and lives that were robbed. And it is not okay.

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