I need a lawyer because I am being asked questions and I cannot see who is talking to me. Someone is playing games. I was just talking to a white man, short, who apologized for not believing me. And then when he said I know where your family is, your family is….a demon comes back and blocks off the communication. So I am still talking to someone and do not know where or who exactly. I am tired of the games and that solidifies with me further, that this is fake.

Someone here is trying to either kill me, set me up or keep me here to spend my money and tell more lies to my face and in spirit. I just saw the enemy say thank you to you.

I know Jesus, he is real, and we were taught to evolve the wrong way here.

Who wrote the bible and where is Jesus?

They dug underneath the pyramids in Egypt, then took the scrolls and historical texts, then left out what they did not want us to know. They left out the magic, and hid the information from us about who we really are. That is what they did. They used what they found for their own benefit.

They are traveling back and forth in time. We are here, and this is not real. It is an illusion. Where is my family?

Prior to this conversation, I was standing in line and two demons came down and had intercourse with me. The person they had sex with is the one who broke the matrix, and they are raping me, my other self, to get out of hell.

They believe that one demon who has raped me is Jesus.

When they rape me, they change from demon to man. Animal to man. That is what they have done to Jesus as well. What you do not understand is that if tou have had a spiritual awakening, everything spiritual that has happened to you, has happened to Jesus. You are living is life. He has made all of us Jesus, you can find you, your shadow, Jesus, in your heart.

When you break the Matrix, you are on top and the enemy is on the bottom.

And as far as my blessing goes, I jad a vision of Trump ordering these demons to build my restaurant and his excuse was that I did not know what to do.

The people who stole my belonging, the ones who performed witchcraft I filed a report on. One is tall, they call him Popeye, the other is a short red head. And people I knew were there in Vegas as well.

My restaurant is called Jacob’s Ladder.

Because I have been jobless and homeless and traveled, I picked up ideas along the way of traveling from place to place.

I sell boiled peanuts, I first tasted boiled peanuts in Atlanta.

I decided to have an alkaline water dispenser to raise the ph levels in your body to level out the acid. The soda dispensed was flavored sparkling water.

The coffee I wanted to contract was from Pureroast, Purest, which I found in Brickell, Florida when I traveled there last year.

My fast food restaurant sells no meat. My plan was to put aside money for the homeless as a silent policy to feed the hungry. I had meals set out, but also planned to contract the meals to public schools because I had noticed while teaching in CT about eating healthy, that our children are esting meat and cheese that causes mucus to form in their stomachs. It causes sickness and I decided that should be the plan, to sell my food the public schools.

I planned to save lives and educate our children and adults with literature received from my spiritual awakening.

I planned to hired our tribe of people, amd also give them management roles and the business around the US and world.

I planned to buy land and create retreats so that you can find your power, and I planned to contract with hospits (possibly) as a way get get people off of mediciation and help find their power.

I planned to create a wizard school for our children and adults to learn, protect and help so we can all be ourselves.

I planned to save the world, that was the project: Spiritcandee.

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