Sandra Alves, Margarita Bertsos, Paul Brown, Albert Greenwood

These people went outside. I went upstairs to my hotel room and smelled cigarettes. Thats when I knew that they had my spirit and it was one of them. I heard them talking in cloak.

Sandra Alves covered them outside in the parking lot. They were here.

The girl with the green hair had on a shirt that with this symbol on it

Sandra Alves said what should I do? He is married anyway?

We are waiting for her to kill herself.

Sandra Alves asked did you see her naked? She is in cloak.

Well how many kids does she have?

Sandra Alves is a witch, potuguese and came into my circle as a fake friend. She has evil spirits in her and whatever she did is causing her to be paranoid because she has said several times that she is moving to Portugal.

Sandra Alves works for the FBI and is a nasty disgusting lesbian who is a witch, stalker. The day I met her I was at the Ymca with my kids. My son was swimming. He had swimming lessons and Sandra Alves came in, walked by us, and a spirit with her shoved my son into the pool.

I walked outside and heard her say danielle cant see me. She hid the people i spoke to that went outside and was talking to them.

I went back into the hotel room, then back outside and there they were again, back from smoking a cigarette. I asked them if they say sandra or margarita and they smiler, said no and walked away.

I am here. So if you are a real officer you can check the cameras and arrest the real criminals because it is not me.

The date is 4/2 and the time, the time I see says 12:05 pm.

The couple is on one of these rooms:

401, 403, 405 or 407

Paul Brown is also playing my husband David Roman, so he looks like him, but he is a white man.

The lady with green hair is another one who puts spirits in peoples heads. She is witch.

The man in the video said he did not want to be near me without a mask. He meant the mask on his face,not a blue one. The woman with the green hair works for the government too and has put her dead family member in my head.

They are getting high and smoking cigarettes inside the cloak.

Sandra Alves has been controlling me all morning because she is in my mind. Referring to this post, Cover up, I lost my mind a long time ago. My mind was made alien, imvisible. Sandra is inside of it on a bigger scale.

One of them has a dog with them. Me hearing the dog in my room was my spirit im there room, with the dog. Room 401. A dog just barked in my room in real life and I cant see it but it just happened right over there

That is what this symbol means. It is a 3rd eye (alien) but is really my mind. They sensationalized the process (death of the mind)

So everytime God comes to put life inside of me, people like the ones I mentioned above and all day today, come along and use witchcraft to kill me. They are the kinds of people you need to watch:

The picture above shows you I have no life on my mind. I keep proving to you that someone has set me up me and my family, spies on me, and uses me to hurt others. I would never kill my kids, I would never kill other people, and I am getting really tired of because accused for attacking people. I just shared with you all who they were, the people behind your attacks.

I just proved that they have controlled me today.

I showed you how, gave you who, what, where and when.

The story is done.

(They killed Jesus for his mind to be cloaked)

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