The fairy knows where the souls are in this stone like place and he keeps using flattery in my mind to derail my thoughts, he is flying around naked as a thirst trap and knows where my daughter is. I saw that my daughter left me a flower as a gift somewhere and this fairy used my appearance to look like me to trick her, I saw him grab the flower when he found it, hugged it with both his hands, the flower that was left for me, and smile with a sigh.

He is very funny and will tell you a joke to make you laugh to derail the seriousness of the situation.

I want to know the truth.

Because although you are funny, and great, I heard my family cry yesterday, asking and pleading for me not to give up because they are being raped and are stuck under a spell. Although you look very great naked and are definately packaged right, I saw myself getting raped this morning, felt the pain, heard men telling me I am Alicia Keys as they raped me, and I am sorry but I cannot forget the fact that I was told yesterday, I am never getting in to find or see my family, after hearing them plead and cry.

So, I don’t know if you are trying to hide things from me to help, but I would like to know the truth.

I also remember see you near an open tomb that you expected me to beleive was my dead body. I can’t see how you are the good guy here.

And most of you are gay. I saw you having lunch with another man and heard you both talking about how you lie to me.

Your fairy boyfriend claims to be Jean Claude Van Dam, he looks like him just younger and smaller.

You are the perfect package for a single woman but I am more interested in seeing my family.

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